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FSR:IF - Student representatives of Computer Science

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Events in summer semester 2024

To make sure you don't get bored this semester, we have one or two events planned for you in the coming months! Come along, we look forward to seeing you. :)

Would you like to add these events to your calendar right away? Import this ICS file (content currently only in German): fsrif-events.

Basic information about the English version of the website

This website has been translated from German to English. Therefore, the content is assumed to be similar. Nevertheless, it may happen, that there are differences between the German and the English version. We would appreciate, if you could inform us either via e-mail or personally when you notice major differences. In case of differences, please compare the date of the last update in the bottom left corner of the webpage in question. Usually the German version is the more recent one. Thanks for your understanding.

Next meetings


Due to some technical issues, we unforunately cannot show the upcoming meeting dates here as usual. We do work on a solution of this problem though.

Our upcoming meeting dates are the following:

  • on 2024-04-29 at 01:30 pm in room t.b.a.
  • on 2024-05-13 at 11:30 am in room t.b.a.
  • on 2024-05-27 at 01:30 pm in room t.b.a.
  • on 2024-06-10 at 11:30 am in room t.b.a.

There is no date set at the moment.

Do you want to enter the FSR meetings directly into your calendar? Then simply import this ICS file (updated 2024-04-02).
We recommend adding the calendar by URL, so you get all updates automatically in the future.