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FSR:IF - Student representative council of Computer Science

Election of student representatives

The votes of the FSR elections from 13.12.21 to 15.12.21 have been counted. You can see the results here.

If you want to have a look at the elected members, you are welcome to look at the election book again.

English election book        German election book

Recent information about the current situation with the Corona-virus

At the moment many lectures and tutorials take place online. Those can be found in the course catalogue[de]. If you have further questions you may also have a look at the StuRa-website and the Corona-FAQ. Concerning the recent situation in general you may also find important information in the open letters from the President. Both the Lernraum Mathematik[de] and the Lernraum Informatik[de] are offered via OPAL.

Additionally the Central Examination Office informed, that degree theses can be handed in with a normal folder via post. Therefore no bound copies are neccessary at the moment.

Cancellation of examination results:

As already announced in the open letter from the President, cancellation of examination results of the summer semester 2020 as well as the winter semester 2020/21 is possible if either the teaching or the examination form differs from the form specified in the study regulations (this applies to passed as well as failed examinations).
To do this, you simply have to write an informal request for the summer semester 2020. You can find a template for this informal application here. Simply replace all the information in italic font in the template with the information that applies to you. If you have any problems with the cancellation of credits, please contact us and we will help you to ensure that your withdrawal works without any problems. The template we have provided is completely sufficient for the withdrawal of examination credits from the summer semester!
For the winter semester 2020/21, however, you will need the form provided by the ZPA.

Please be aware that these information are without guarantee. In case of doubt please ask the persons responsible for your issue.

Basic information about the english version of the website

This website has been translated from German to English. Therefore the content is assumed to be similar. Nevertheless it may happen, that there are differences between the german and the english version. We would appreciate, if you could inform us either via e-mail or personally when you notice major differences. In case of differences, please compare the date of the last update in the bottom left corner of the webpage in question. Usually the german version is the more recent one. Thanks for your understanding.


Next meeting

2022-05-24 at 10:45 in room Digital
2022-06-15 at 11:15 in room 1/336
2022-07-05 at 10:45 in room (TBA)
2022-07-27 at 10:45 in room (TBA)
2022-08-16 at 10:45 in room (TBA)
2022-09-21 at 10:45 in room (TBA)

Note regarding meetings during the prohibition of contact: we meet online at the videoconference system BigBlueButton of TU Chemnitz.

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