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Professorship Materials and Reliablility of Microsystems
Micro-Nano-Analytics Lab

Micro-Nano-Analytics Lab

SEM/FIB Zeiss Auriga40 with Analytics and Nanomanipulation


Crossbeam Electron & Focus Ion Beam
Imaging: inLens SE, inLens BSE, Chamber SE and SI
Analytics: Oxford EBSD & EDX, Nanomanipulator: Omniprobe

Raman Imaging Microscope with AFM in Vacuum chamber


WiTec Raman Spectrometer
SemiLab AFM
Vacuum compatible: SemiLab vacuum chamber with vacuum lock
Vakuum Shuttle: SEM compatible

Hysitron PI-88 SEM Picoindenter


Hysitron PI-88xR inside Zeiss Auriga.

Nanomanipulator Imina™ Bots

Imina™ Bot

Four Nanomanipulator Bots
Nanomanipulation & electrical probing
Vacuum compatible
Resolution: 1nm

Electrical Bias TEM-Holder


Electrical biasing (8 pin) sample holder for TEM
In-situ testing at nano scale
Electrically driving of Si-based MEMS

Signatone S-1160 Probe Station


WaferProber placed inside EMV-box
4x S-725 micro manipulators (3 axes)
Probing individual chips and wafers up to 8"
Hot plate for reticles (max 500°C)
Microscope with WD = 34 mm

Sputter Coater Polaron E5000

Polaron E5000

DC Sputter Coater
Thin metals like Au, Al or Pt

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