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13th International Workshop on Impedance Spectroscopy, December 2 - 4, 2020
IWIS Speakers

IWIS Speakers

IWIS 2019

  • Materials Prof. Andrzej Lasia
    Kinetics of hydrogen evolution reaction
  • Bioimpedance Prof. Pasquale Arpaia


    EIS-based health micro-instrumentation for measurement of drug transdermal delivery
  • Sensors Dr. Najla Fourati
    Surface acoustic wave sensors functionalized with ionic and molecular imprinted polymers for the detection of chemical and biological species
  • Systems Prof. Giorgio Ferrari
    Impedance analyzers tailored on micro-nano devices to reach zeptoFarad resolution
  • Materials Prof. Jan Gimsa
    Field-induced orientation and impedance in suspensions of ellipsoids: Are the electrostatic orientation approach and the principle of maximum entropy production compatible?
  • Sensors Prof. Leonardo Giordano Paterno
    Electronic Tongue
  • Materials Prof. Chris Bowen
    Microstructural Electrical Networks and a Breakdown in the Case for Giant Permittivity

IWIS 2018

  • Materials Prof. Dr. Rosario A. Gerhardt
    Dielectric and Impedance Spectroscopy of Insulating and Conducting Materials
  • Batteries Prof. Dr. Jürgen Fleig


    Impedance Spectroscopy: Advanced Applications: Battery Rmpedance Spectroscopy in Solid State Electrochemistry
  • Materials Prof. Murat Ates
    Graphene based Nanocomposites with EIS Analysis for Supercapacitors
  • Bioimpedance Prof. Pedro Bertemes-Filho
    Probing Tissue with Impedance Spectroscopy: Signal Constrains
  • Materials Dr.-Ing. Dino Klotz
    Generalized Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy – Analyzing Solid-Gas Interfaces Optically

IWIS 2017

  • Sensors Prof. Errachid Abdelhamid
    BioLab-on-chip based on Impedance Spectroscopy for Heartfailure application
  • Batteries Prof. Andreas Jossen
    The influence of battery cell design on the cell impedance
  • Fundamentals Prof. Dr.-Ing. Michael Danzer
    Model-free Distribution of Relaxation Times (DRT) Analysis for the Characterization of Resistive-Capacitive and Resistive-Inductive Impedance Spectra
  • Bioimpedance Prof. Steffen leonhardt
    On the Clinical Impact of Bioimpedance from bench to bedside
  • Bioimpedance Prof. Geoff Smith
    Through Vial Impedance Spectroscopy (TVIS) A New Method for the Development of Manufacturing Processes for Injectable Drug Products

IWIS 2016

  • Sensors Prof. Nicole Jaffrezic-Renault
    Nanomaterial Based Impedimetric Biosensors
  • Materials Dr. Francisco Fabregat-Santiago
    Impedance Spectroscopy in the Characterization of Solar Cells
  • Bioimpedance Prof. Ramon Bragós
    Biomedical Applications of Fast-EIS for Dynamic In-Vivo Tissues
  • Batteries Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ulrike Krewer
    Analysis of Li-Ion Batteries: Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy vs. Nonlinear Frequency Response Analysis

IWIS 2015

  • Systems Prof. Annick Hubin
    Odd Random Phase Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (ORP-EIS) as a tool for reliable electrochemical system identification
  • Batteries Dr.rer.nat. Norbert Wagner
    State of the Art of Batteries of the 4th Generation
  • Bioimpedance Dr.-Ing. Mark Ulbrich
    Simulation of Bioelectrical Properties of Human Tissue for Medical Application

IWIS 2014

  • Fundamentals Prof. Mark E. Orazem
    Challenges for Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy
  • Systems Prof Dr. Marco Carminati
    From single cells to photons: the versatility of contactless impedance sensing
  • Bioimpedance Prof. Ørjan Grøttem Martinsen
    Skin impedance - the inexhaustible source

IWIS 2013

  • Fundamentals Prof. Olfa Kanoun
    Impedance Spectroscopy for Measurement and Sensor Solutions
  • Systems Dr.-Ing. Qinghai Shi
    Potential of Impedance Spectroscopy for Cable Diagnostics
  • Systems Prof. Rik Pintelon
    What can System Identification Offer to Impedance Spectroscopy

IWIS 2012

  • Materials Prof. Ellen Ivers-Tiffée
    Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFC)
  • Materials Prof. Rolf Pelster
    Between Carbon Nano-tubes Or Nano-fibers In Composite materials
  • Systems Prof. Wuqiang Yang
    Electrical Capacitance Tomography For Imaging Industrial Processes
  • Systems apl. Prof. Dr. habil. Ralf Lucklum
    Impedance Spectroscopy For Resonant Sensors - Challenges Behind The Scene

IWIS 2011

  • Fundamentals Dr. Bernard Tribollet
    Some Physical Meanings of Constant Phase Element
  • Bioimpedance Prof. Kenneth Loh
    Bio-Inspired Multifunctional Materials for Spatial Damage Identification and Localization

IWIS 2010

  • Fundamentals Manuel M. Lohrengel
    EIS - Challenges and Limits
  • Sensors Prof. Subhas Mukhopadhyay
    Impedance Spectroscopy of Planar Electromagnetic Sensors for Environmental Monitoring