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13th International Workshop on Impedance Spectroscopy, September 22-25, 2020
Best Scientific Paper

Best Paper and Best Poster Award

Best Paper and Best Poster Awards are selected by the Circle of Experts in Impedance Spectroscopy (CEIS) on the basis of the quality of the abstracts.

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Holders of the best paper and best poster award of last years:




Authors Contribution

P. Haußmann, J. Melbert

Compensation of Nonlinear Excitation in Impedance Spectra of Automotive Lithium-Ion Cells

S. Dahlmanns, L. Geller-Hartung, S. Leonhardt and D. Teichmann

3D Bioimpedance Model of the Human Lower Leg

L. Regnacq, A. Degache, J. Castelli, G. N’Kaoua, Y. Bornat, L. Poulletier de Gannes, S. Renaud, I. Lagroye, N. Lewis, F. Kölbl, O. Bernus 

Preliminary Investigation towards Embedded Impedance Spectroscopy in Implanted Stimulators


Authors Contribution

A. Mangler, J. J. Ehnis

Robust and Universal Modeling Algorithm for Impedance Spectroscopy in Embedded Systems

Z. Fredj, S. Azzouzi, M. B. Ali, N. M. Nooredeen, M. N. Abbas

Phosphate Sensitive Impedimetric Sensors based on a Novel Copper Phthalocyanine Derivative Modified Gold Structures: Application for Environmental Monitoring


Authors Contribution

M. Medina-Sánchez, B. Ibarlucea, N. Pérez, D. D. Karnaushenko, S. M. Weiz, L. Baraban, G. Cuniberti, O. G. Schmidt

Biosensor in a tube: Ultrasensitive DNA detection

N. Karippai, J. Cao, S. Schneider, S. Wiedemeier, Th. Nacke, G. Gastrocke, J. M. Köhler, B. P. Cahill

Dose response of c. vaccinii to CuSO4 in microfluidic droplet detected using impedance sensors

A. Sanli , V. Jayaraman, A. Benchirouf, C. Müller, O. Kanoun

Study of the humidity effect on the electrical impedance of MWCNTs/Epoxy nanocomposites  

K. Min, S. Y. Kim, D. H. Jeong, A. R. Park, S. A. Lee, J. H. L., J. Kim, J. Kim  

A label-free biosensor based on impedance analysis for DNA characterization



Authors Contribution

J. A. Amani, T. Koppe, H. Hofsäß, U. Vetter

Determining unambiguous electrical equivalent circuits representing the underlying physics

S. Weyer, Ch. Kleeberg, S. Leonhardt, D. Teichmann

Feasibility of a new therapy device against venous pooling