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17th International Workshop on Impedance Spectroscopy, September 24 - September 27, 2024
Best Scientific Papers

Best Paper and Best Poster Award

Best Paper and Best Poster Awards are selected by the Circle of Experts in Impedance Spectroscopy (CEIS) on the basis of the quality of the abstracts.

Holders of the best paper and best poster award of the latest years:


Authors Contribution

Santiago F. Scagliusi, Maggie Delano, Pablo Pérez, Daniel Martín, Gloria Huertas, Alberto Olmo, Alberto Yúfera

A Novel Wearable Device for Continuous Bioimpedance Monitoring in Congestive Heart Failure Patients

Brian Ospina Agudelo, Walter Zamboni

Exploring degradation of Li-ion batteries aged with a driving profile using EIS and DRT

Sebastian Reinke, Vera Khamitsevich, Oliver Röth, Julia Linnemann

Assessment of the physicochemical meaning of the ohmic series resistance observed for high frequencies in electrochemical impedance spectra



Authors Contribution

C. Plank; T. Rüther; M. A. Danzer

Detection of non-linearity and non-stationarity in impedance spectra using an
extended Kramers-Kronig test without overfitting

A. E. Jobst, M. Radschun, C. Clemens, O. Kanoun, J. Himmel

Frequency Spectroscopy of the Cross-Section Area of Hot Rods to Approximate
Rolling Parameters

H. Liebscher, J. N. Suresh, M. Koenigsdorff, M. Tahir, S. Wießner, G. Gerlach

Comparative study of barium titanate-filled polyurethane and hydrogenated
nitrile butadiene rubber as electroactive polymer composites


Authors Contribution

M. Hafsa, O. Bader, Z. Hu, N. E. Ben Amara, O. Kanoun

3D Image Reconstruction based on Electrical Impedance Tomography Measurements using a Gauss-Newton Algorithm

A. C. Sabunacu, A. A. Salifu, S. Guo, G. Miller, E. H. Skorina, J. D Obayemi

Changes in the Dielectric Spectra of Tumors in a Xenograft Model for Colon Cancer

P. Iurilli , C. Brivio, R.E. Carrillo, V. Wood

DRT-based modeling framework for Li-ion cells



Authors Contribution

Z. Han, J. Liu, Y. Gao, and X. Duan

Nanochannel-based Resistive Pulse Sensing Device for Label-free Biomolecule and Bionanoparticle Analysis

A. Mangler

Substitutive Modelling of Sensor Structures of Arthropods on the Basis of Equivalent Circuits Models

L.B. Avila, C. K. Mueller, and . A. Pasa

Study of Electrical Conduction Mechanism on Bipolar Resistive Switching Prussian White Thin Films using Electrical Impedance Spectroscopy


Authors Contribution

B. Roling, T. Kranz and S. Kranz

Transport Studies on Model-Type Solid Electrolyte Interphases Grown on Glassy Carbon Electrodes

A. Fiedler and X. Y. Kong

Understanding of Lithium-Ion Migration in Modulated Thin Films Revealed by Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy

Z.Fredj, M. Ben Ali, A.. Errachid, M. N. Abbasd, E. Dempseye, A.Turner

Early Stage Detection of Cancer Biomarkers using Nano-Materials based Sensors


Authors Contribution

P. Haußmann, J. Melbert

Compensation of Nonlinear Excitation in Impedance Spectra of Automotive Lithium-Ion Cells

S. Dahlmanns, L. Geller-Hartung, S. Leonhardt and D. Teichmann

3D Bioimpedance Model of the Human Lower Leg

L. Regnacq, A. Degache, J. Castelli, G. N’Kaoua, Y. Bornat, L. Poulletier de Gannes, S. Renaud, I. Lagroye, N. Lewis, F. Kölbl, O. Bernus 

Preliminary Investigation towards Embedded Impedance Spectroscopy in Implanted Stimulators


Authors Contribution

A. Mangler, J. J. Ehnis

Robust and Universal Modeling Algorithm for Impedance Spectroscopy in Embedded Systems

Z. Fredj, S. Azzouzi, M. B. Ali, N. M. Nooredeen, M. N. Abbas

Phosphate Sensitive Impedimetric Sensors based on a Novel Copper Phthalocyanine Derivative Modified Gold Structures: Application for Environmental Monitoring


Authors Contribution

M. Medina-Sánchez, B. Ibarlucea, N. Pérez, D. D. Karnaushenko, S. M. Weiz, L. Baraban, G. Cuniberti, O. G. Schmidt

Biosensor in a tube: Ultrasensitive DNA detection

N. Karippai, J. Cao, S. Schneider, S. Wiedemeier, Th. Nacke, G. Gastrocke, J. M. Köhler, B. P. Cahill

Dose-response of c. vaccinii to CuSO4 in microfluidic droplet detected using impedance sensors

A. Sanli , V. Jayaraman, A. Benchirouf, C. Müller, O. Kanoun

Study of the humidity effect on the electrical impedance of MWCNTs/Epoxy nanocomposites  

K. Min, S. Y. Kim, D. H. Jeong, A. R. Park, S. A. Lee, J. H. L., J. Kim, J. Kim  

A label-free biosensor based on impedance analysis for DNA characterization



Authors Contribution

J. A. Amani, T. Koppe, H. Hofsäß, U. Vetter

Determining unambiguous electrical equivalent circuits representing the underlying physics

S. Weyer, Ch. Kleeberg, S. Leonhardt, D. Teichmann

Feasibility of a new therapy device against venous pooling