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The Subject

The course Microeconomics deals with economic behaviour and decisions of individuals. Important branches are the theory of the firm and the theory of the household. Furthermore, questions on which results are genrated by competitive processes are analysed and evaluated. In addition, macroeconomic aspects are examined which result from the complex relationships among individuals typical for a capitalistic system.


Oct 20 2021 - New research article on the frequency of convergence and divergence in n-player strategic games published

Samuel Wiese and Torsten Heinrich, "The Frequency of Convergent Games under Best-Response Dynamics", published in "Dynamic Games and Applications" - the full text can be found here.

Sep 16 2021 - New research article on the micro level of structural change published

Torsten Heinrich, Jangho Yang, and Shuanping Dai ("Levels of structural change: An analysis of Chna's development push 1998-2014", Journal of Evolutionary Economics) consider structural change at the firm level using the example of China's economic development 1998-2014.

Further information is available here.

July 06 2021 - Seminar (M.Sc. Economics) in the winter term 2021/22

We offer a seminar (M.Sc. Economics) on "Structural change and the economics of digital technologies" next winter term. Please see the page of the seminar in OPAL for more details. Interested students can enroll directly on the page of the seminar in OPAL.

March 19 2021 - New research article on systemic risk in insurance published

Torsten Heinrich, Juan Sabuco, Doyne Farmer "A simulation of the insurance industry: the problem of risk model homogeneity", Journal of Economic Interaction and Coordination. Further information is available here.

Several insurance trade publications reported: ARTEMISInsuranceERM and Reinsurance News.

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