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Chair of Management Accounting and Control

Welcome to the Chair of Management Accounting and Control

Dear students,
Information regarding the enrollment for our courses in summer term 2021 are available via "Current Issues".

Team photo

upper row: Dr. Steve Rother, Dr. Anja Schmidt, Kathleen Glaß, Anja Krumbiegel, Florian Lindner
middle row: Christina Symmank, Fanny Richter, Prof. Dr. Prof. h. c. Uwe Götze, Kristina Höse, Mike Rudolph
lower row: Marco Rehme, Benjamin Jacobsen, Hannes Finke, Anika Süß
(left to right)

not pictured: Igor Borgardt, Julia Döring, Josephin Hänel, Dr. Constanze Himmelreich, Nadine Klose, Vivien Langer,
Dr. Lilly Meynerts, Constanze Pfaff, Christiane Reichel, Annika Tampe
(for detailed information about our team members go to staff contacts)