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Extended Senate

Extended Senate of Chemnitz University of Technology

(1) The Extended Senate is constituted by 17 voting members of the Academic Senate and 34 voting representatives of the university member groups. The President, the Vice-Presidents, the Chancellor, the Deans and the Equal Opportunities Officer of Chemnitz University of Technology are members of the Extended Senate with the right to speak and the right of petition.

(2) The Extended Senate is responsible for the election and deselection of the President as well as for taking decisions concerning the constitution of Chemnitz University of Technology and its modification.

(3) The President prepares the meetings of the Extended Senate and acts as chairman.

Dates of meetings of the Extended Senate
Sommersemester 2010 Wintersemester 2010/2011
20.04.2010 01.02.2011

Executive of the Extended Senate:

Manuela Helmert
Phone (03 71) 5 31 12110
Fax: (03 71) 5 31 12109
Location: Straße der Nationen 62, Raum 119
Email: manuela.helmert@...

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