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Strongly Networking Our Internationals

The student project “TUCzine“ is bringing people from different cultures together – participation in the first issue of the magazine is possible up to 17 February

Every new beginning is difficult – and that particularly applies to students from other nations and cultures. A new initiative emerging from international students at Chemnitz University of Technology is bringing forth a new format – the “TUCzine” – which aims to network students and get them acquainted to their new surroundings, providing discussions and support around various everyday situations.

TUCzine is an initiative on behalf of students from Chemnitz University of Technology, and it is supported by both the Student Council and TU4U. At the core of the TUCzine initiative is a self-produced booklet, a so-called “zine”, in A5 format. Included in this zine are contributions in both text and image form which are produced by international students and published free of charge for all students at the university.

TUCzine is both a platform and a medium. Existing online as a channel on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and on the Internet. TUCzine helps network international students and offers them a platform for exchange. As a medium, it offers contributors space for artistic, intellectual or editorial takes on various everyday situations and events that affect international students.

It is still possible to participate in the first issue of the zine – the deadline is 17 February 2020. You can contact TUCzine via e-mail at

To give the benefit of experience – enriching people from other cultures

“We observe that students from other nations and cultures, especially early on, often stay amongst themselves and have little contact with fellow students from Germany or other nations. This is understandable, but also a shame, as so many experiences are shared by all,” explains Natalia Przybysz. Natalia is a student at Chemnitz University of Technology and is a part of the TUCzine organisational team.

Background: International life at Chemnitz University of Technology

Chemnitz University of Technology is a diverse university with a strong international network. Its students come from around 100 countries. This makes Chemnitz University of Technology the most international university in Saxony in terms of proportion of foreign students, and it occupies a top position nationwide among public universities.

With its support programmes, including the award-winning Buddy Programme, Chemnitz University of Technology helps its international students and researchers become acquainted with a variety of situations at the university and in everyday life. Important actors in this support are the Chemnitz University of Technology International University Center (IUZ) and the student club Club der Kulturen.

(Author: Matthias Fejes / Translation: Jeffrey Karnitz)

Matthias Fejes

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