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Indian Flair on Campus

The 10th annual Diwali: Indian Festival of Lights will be taking place on 10 November 2018 in the Mensa

Diwali is one of the most important Hindi festivals, observed yearly in India on the 15th day of the Hindu month Kartik.  In India, the festival is treated with a similar level of importance to the celebration of Christmas in Christian cultures.  According to tradition, new lamps are purchased, so as to show the souls of the dead the path to Nirvana.  In addition, people decorate their houses with candles, flowers, and garlands.  That means that only well-lit houses will receive a visit from Lakshmi, the Goddess of Prosperity, and according to tradition, this will result in raised revenues for the household. 

On 10 November 2018 this colorful and diverse celebration will take place in the TU-Chemnitz Mensa, Reichenhainer Straße 55.  This is now the 10th edition of this tradition-filled festival, which is organised by, among others, the student initiative of the Indian Cultural Center (ICC).  This year, it is a component of the ceremonies of the 875th Anniversary of the City of Chemnitz.  Guests should expect a broad selection of programming.  In addition to traditional Indian dance performances and live music, a firework display will be taking place behind the Mensa.  Complementing the evening’s festivities will be a rich and flavorful Indian dinner.  The evening will come to a close with the beats of DJs Erdtel, Jacob, and Saone, who will play Indian as well as international music.  The goal of the event is to give non-Indians a closer look and deeper impression of Indian culture and customs. 

The event is open to both members of the TU community and the general public.  The Festival of Lights begins at 17.00.  At the box office, tickets cost 5 Euro, or 10 Euro with dinner included. 

Oh, by the way: Currently more than 1,100 Indians live in Chemnitz, and a large portion of them study at TU-Chemnitz. 

(Authors: Felix Krieglstein, Mario Steinebach, Translation: Jeffrey Karnitz)

Mario Steinebach

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