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Sundays in the Uni Library

A test run of a new contribution to improving studying conditions at Chemnitz University: Campus Library I will extend its opening hours in July

On all five Sundays in July, Chemnitz University’s Campus Library I, located at Reichenhainer Str. 29a in the “Pegasus Center” office-building complex, will be open from 10:00 am until 6:00 pm.  This library stocks material related to humanities subjects such as philosophy, education studies, history, politics, European studies, media studies and linguistics as well as behavioral, social and sport sciences. “The Campus Library’s additional opening hours can be used to prepare for exams, for instance, since Sundays are surely peaceful and conducive for concentrated work,” says Angela Malz, Director of the University Library in Chemnitz. “By extending our hours of operation to include Sundays, we hope to make a contribution to improving the conditions for studying at Chemnitz University. We are curious to see how students feel about this test run of the new opening hours,” continues Malz. In addition, the Sunday hours of operation are a preview of the future new University Library currently under construction in the Old Spinning Mill, which will allow students to study, research or simply browse the stacks at any time of day or night.

The Campus Library I offers visitors, even on Sundays, access to 330 workstations, the printed book catalog, all multifunctional devices located in this library site as well as the PC workstations, which visitors can use to access the library’s entire electronic media catalog. Media can be borrowed using “self-checkout” terminals and returns are possible using the designated return boxes. Drinks can be purchased from coffee vending machines. There is just one limitation: “On Sundays, like at all other university facilities, there are no library employees on site,” says Malz. However, the security staff is happy to assist with any minor issues or questions that may arise.

Mario Steinebach

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