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Love without boundaries

875 years Chemnitz: Chemnitz University project „Intercultural Relationships in Chemnitz” focuses on exceptional relationships in the city – more participants still wanted

In the framework of the Chemnitz city anniversary, nine Intercultural Communication students from bachelor and master courses of Chemnitz University of Technology initiated the project “Intercultural Relationships in Chemnitz” and are currently looking for more participants. Focus of the project is the individual observation of intercultural couples in relationships from Chemnitz. But “intercultural” does not only include couples of different nationalities, but also of different ethnic groups or religions, or with different sexual orientations and beliefs.

The students would like to talk with interested couples about their life in Chemnitz and look at good and bad things in their intercultural daily life as a couple. Furthermore, participants get a disposable camera to document their everyday life through pictures. The emerging pictures will also be addressed within the conversations between students and participating couples.

Further participating couples are still wanted, that perceive their relationship as intercultural. Anonymous participation is also possible, with no names and pictures published. To thank for the participation, a professional photo shooting in the Chemnitz city park, an individual memory book of their own love story, as well as an invitation to the vernissage in the Tietz.

For questions or anyone interested, please contact Michelle Schenkl, email michelle.schenkl@s2016.tu-chemnitz.d and Nada Al-Addous, email

(Translation: Alissa Hölzel)

Matthias Fejes

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