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Wanted: Heavy-weighted test persons for motion analysis

The Chair for Ergonomics and Innovation Management of the Chemnitz University of Technology develop test standards for chairs and armchairs for obese people

Today’s chairs and armchairs for people with a body weight of more than 110 Kilograms have yet no adjusted test standards in Germany. Thus, individuals, hospitals or health resorts cannot acquire chairs for obese patients that are certificated after the DIN standard. The Chair of Ergonomics and Innovative Management at the Chemnitz University of Technology in cooperation with the Institut für Holztechnologie Dresden gemeinnützige GmbH and the Institute of Mechatronics Chemnitz are about to change that. In the course of the research project “Heavy Seating”, chairs will be adjusted to heavy-weighted persons needs and a test standard developed to ensure safety and comfort. The results will provide answers on constructive changes on the chair’s components in order to correspond better to the anatomy of heavy-weighted persons and the stress while sitting down, sitting and rising up.

A laboratory study is carried out in Chemnitz and Dresden looking for people with a Body-Mass-Index (BMI) of over 35 until the end of March 2017. The BMI is calculated from the body weight in kilogram divided by the square of the stated height in meter. The participants will be measured three dimensionally during the course of the study. Afterwards, motion sequences while sitting down and rising up will be investigated using “Motion capturing” analysis. All recorded personalized data is confidential and will not be disclosed. Test persons should schedule approx. an hour for the participation in the study.

Interested persons can get in contact with the project team members. Appointments for Chemnitz in February and March, 2017, can be made with Maja Neubert, phone +49 371 531-35991, e-mail . Appointments for Dresden in March can be coordinated with Linda Geißler, phone +49 351 4662-384, e-mail .

Further information are available from Max Bernhagen, phone +49 371 531-35897, e-mail

Matthias Fejes

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