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From Chemnitz to New York

“Uni goes UNO“: In March 2017, students from TU Chemnitz will represent the Central African Republic as “junior-diplomats” at the world’s biggest simulation of the United Nations in New York

From 19th to 23rd March for the 14th time TU Chemnitz will send a delegation to the National Model United Nations (NMUN) conference in New York. Together with 5,500 students from all over the world, the Chemnitz delegation will discuss current international challenges and conflicts and develop solutions. Universities from 41 Member States of the United Nations will represent an assigned country and its interests and positions. The work of the UN-Organization will be simulated as realistic as possible.

After 13 years of participation of TU Chemnitz at NMUN, students will take up this challenge again. This year’s delegation will represent the Central African Republic in six UN committees and address a variety of topics: Three committees of the General Assembly (GA) will deal with the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals, the role of technology for international security and actions against nuclear disarmament. The High-level Political Forum on Sustainable Development (HLPF) will discuss education and leadership of youth and the topic of employment for everyone. In addition, the United Nations Environment Assembly (UNEA) will debate illicit wildlife trade and climate protection regarding the implementation of the Paris Agreement and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) will review the problems of nuclear waste management and security risks in the Middle East.

The advantage of interdisciplinarity

In 2017, twelve TU Chemnitz delegates are enrolled in ten different programs of study at three faculties, which is a huge advantage in dealing with the variety of NMUN topics and a great benefit for the preparation. “The NMUN project is not only interesting for students of political sciences, but also for other programs of study as international organizations such as the UN increasingly hire technicians, psychologists or economists. The participants can benefit from skills and theoretical knowledge they have acquired at TU Chemnitz in practice, which enables them to solve social, cultural and political challenges”, mentions Jakob Landwehr, academic staff of the Professorship of International Relations and Faculty Advisor for the 2017 delegation.

Preparation for New York

The first test for New York has already been accomplished by the Chemnitz delegation. In November, the students participated in the Chemnitz Model United Nations (ChemMUN). At the simulation, delegates were able to apply the theoretical knowledge which they have gained in weekly sessions. “ChemMUN is an excellent opportunity to test yourself. It was amazing to realize what we have achieved since the beginning of the NMUN project. We are looking forward deepening our knowledge and continuing the preparation in the upcoming months”, says Lucas Heimbach, participant of the NMUN 2017 delegation. Before the delegation will start their trip to New York, they have another opportunity to practice the work of the UN and their negotiation skills in English: From 20th to 22nd January, the students will participate in the EfMUN in Erfurt.

A touch of Africa

Besides the preparation, Chemnitz delegations always promote intercultural exchange and encourage other students to learn more about the represented countries, in this case the Central African Republic. Therefore, they will organize a “Country night” and cordially invite all students of TU Chemnitz. On 12th January, the NMUN delegation will organize African music and further cultural highlights, a UN/country quiz as well as a big tombola with fantastic prizes to present “their” country. For further information, please visit the NMUN homepage.

What is NMUN?

National Model United Nations-Simulation (NMUN) is nearly as old as the United Nations Organization itself. Compared to all other worldwide conferences, NMUN is the oldest, biggest and most professional simulation. The principal objective is to impartially represent positions of different countries and cultures, understand the complex and difficult relations of international issues and negotiations and at the same time demonstrate diplomatic skills and sensitivity. Since 2004 delegations of TU Chemnitz participate in NMUN simulations and have been rewarded with various awards. TU Chemnitz is the only university in Saxony sending a delegation to NMUN in New York.

For further information, please contact Jakob Landwehr, phone +49371 531-34645, and e-mail

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(Author: Jakob Landwehr)

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