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Wanted: Diplomats for New York

Students from all disciplines at the TU Chemnitz can apply to participate in the world’s largest UN simulation, which will take place in New York City in early 2017. Deadline to apply is July 29, 2016

For the 14th time in TU Chemnitz history, the Professorship of International Relations will host the “UNI goes UNO” project. Following great student success at this year’s NMUN Conference (National Model United Nations), preparations for the next round are already fully underway. Students from all disciplines have the opportunity to participate in the world’s largest and most well-known simulation of the United Nations held in New York City and they will have the chance to personally shape global politics.

Those interested in taking part can get more information about the project on July 14, 2016 at 7:00pm in the Central Lecture Hall Building N, Room N013. This year’s delegation will talk about their experiences at the NMUN Conference in New York and will answer questions regarding the application and selection process as well as the plan for the project. The application deadline is July 29, 2016. The team is primarily looking for students with a good degree of general knowledge who are also interested in political and economic issues. Applicants must have a good command of English and be motivated to work in a team environment with other students from October 2016 through July 2017.

National Model United Nations (NMUN) is an international simulation game, during which UN operations and procedures are realistically simulated by students. Since the end of WWII and the international organization’s founding, the simulation has traditionally been held at the beginning of every year in New York. During the conference, students take on the roles of diplomats and represent the political and economic interests of the country to which they have been assigned.

Participants have the opportunity to gain deeper insight into the complex structures of the United Nations and to grapple with the day-to-day challenges of international relations and the life of a diplomat. The project also offers the chance for students to develop their own abilities in negotiating and public speaking as well as diplomatic tact. Students will also gain experience in the spheres of social and intercultural competence – an excellent exercise on the international stage to acquire soft skills applicable to many professional occupations. Additionally, participants will have the opportunity to discover and explore the metropolises of Washington D.C. and New York City.

The TU Chemnitz has sent delegations to participate in the NMUN since 2004 and has received numerous awards and recognitions. The TU Chemnitz is the only university in Saxony that can boast this record year after year. In the past, delegations from Chemnitz have represented the countries of Macedonia, Georgia, Estonia, Vietnam, the United Arab Emirates, Israel, Namibia, Ukraine, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Libya, Mali and most recently Chad.

Chemnitz NMUN-Team Homepage: www.tu-chemnitz.de/nmun

More information is available from Magdalena Oertel, E-Mail magdalena.oertel@phil.tu-chemnitz.de

(Author: Magdalena Oertel)

Regina Knoche

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