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Machine elements based on technical textiles

Eleven questions for Prof. Dr. Markus Michael, who holds the Endowed Professorship in Technical Textiles/Textile Machine Elements since March 2012

Prof. Dr. Markus Michael (36) holds the Endowed Professorship in Technical Textiles/Textile Machine Elements since March 2012. In eleven answers he gives the readers of “University News“ an insight into his career, goals and time in Chemnitz.

What do we actually understand under your area of specialization in Textiles/Textile Machine Elements?

We mainly focus on the textile machine elements. The aim is to generate the classically-known machine elements, for example waves, ropes, etc., on the basis of light technical textiles. These might be, for instance, braids or weave.

TU Chemnitz is for me as a professor the right choice, because…

…it has enabled me a perfect start in the academic career with the endowed professorship.

Could you say a few words about your academic career?

I have received a Diploma in Mechanical Engineering and later did a doctorate at the Professorship of Conveyors at TU Chemnitz.

Describe your study time in about 15 words.

Humbleness, happiness, good friends.

Did you have role models during your studies, who encouraged you to pursue a scientific career?

During my study and doctoral period, I was able to work intensively with Prof. Dr. Klaus Nendel. His living mix of industry-related research, teaching and student-friendliness has motivated me to follow a similar path. Later, he encouraged and strengthened me on the unconventional way of an endowed professor.

What advice would you give to young students and graduates?

Persevere and not to take things too seriously.

What would you like to achieve in teaching for the future?

I want to inspire students in technical subjects, to offer high quality events and to provide industry with skilled professionals required within a Master’s program in Textile Structures and Technologies for which I am responsible.

Which impact do you make in the research at TU Chemnitz?

We try to build the traditional textile research at the endowed professorship in Chemnitz. At the interface with classical mechanical engineering, I want to promote new materials and applications. With technical textiles in conveyor technology, we have found a niche, what makes us unique in the world and at TU Chemnitz.

There are around 45,000 professors at German universities. What sets you apart from others?

The combination of youthful levity and humor with serious scientific work.

Which place do you show your guests the most in Chemnitz?

The Karl-Marx monument and the Museum of Industry.

How do you play a part in the life of the city?

As a member of the Lions Club, I am involved in many charitable events. What is more, I am active in the parent’s council at my son’s kindergarten.

Further information about professorship at: https://www.tu-chemnitz.de/mb/FoerdTech/tttm/sht_profil.php

(Translation: Nataliia Boiko)

Katharina Thehos

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