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New quintet for the winter term 2015/16

TU Chemnitz is extending its range of degree programs with one Bachelor and four new Master degree programs - Further information can be obtained during the Open Day on 15th January 2015

Five new degree programs will be launched at Technische Universität Chemnitz for winter term 2015/16. The University is continuing to strengthen its offer of degree programs at the Master’s level. The four new Master’s programs include: Web Engineering, Advanced Functional Materials, Health Sports and Fitness as well as Reception Cultures of the Pre-Modern Era. In addition to this, a Bachelor’s program in Energy Efficiency and Englishes will be set up, which is offered in cooperation with the University of Applied Science Mittweida.

“Our university development planning includes a share of 50 percent of the total number of students on the Master’s level. We are well on our way to achieve this objective thanks to an increasing demand“, Professor Dr. Christoph Fasbender, Vice-Rector for Teaching and Learning quotes. TU Chemnitz puts special emphasis on the interdisciplinary Master degree programs. “What is understood as daily life in research, should also be self-evident for teaching“, reckons the Vice-Rector. With the entirely revised Master degree program Web Engineering at the Faculty of Computer Science and the material-scientific Master program Advanced Functional Materials at the Faculty of Natural Sciences two additional degree programs with a high share of lectures in English will be launched. Professor Fasbender adds: “We meet not least the demand of our international partners but we also act reasonably: both degree programs require German language proficiency. Research is international but job opportunities are also in Saxony.“

Promising professional perspectives are also in the focus of the Master degree program Health Sports and Fitness at the Faculty of Behavioural and Social Sciences. “The future job opportunities for graduates of this program include mainly the areas of corporate health promotion, health sports for children and seniors as well as movement-oriented experience“, the Vice-Rector explains.

A new format is also offered by the Faculty of Humanities: “The Master degree program Reception Cultures of the Pre-Modern Era at the Faculty of Humanities is unique in the world and fits perfectly to Chemnitz. All partners in our Science Region were immediately impressed“, says Fasbender. The Master degree program trains not only specialists for the cultures of Antiquity and the Middle Ages, but introduces them directly to the diverse labor markets. “Thus, one can not only learn how to prepare a medieval exhibition or to stage an antique drama, but also how to create an app for an old church or to develop games“, explains the Vice-Rector.

Additionally, TU Chemnitz will also launch a new undergraduate degree program for the winter term. ”The Bachelor degree program Energy Efficiency and Englishes is interdisciplinary thanks to the combination of energy efficiency - a topic of electrical engineering - with English language and cultural knowledge. Through the fact that it is partially carried out in English, it immediately prepares graduates for a career in the international energy business. Finally, we are working closely together with the University of Applied Science Mittweida on this program in order to strengthen the Science Region“, says Fasbender.

During the next Open Day on 15th of January 2015, TU Chemnitz will provide detailed information about all the current and new offers of degree programs.

Contact: Central Course Guidance Service of TU Chemnitz, Straße der Nationen 62, room 46, 09111 Chemnitz, Phone +49 371 531-55555, Email

(Translation: Nataliia Boiko / Annett Müller)

Mario Steinebach

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