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From Studienkolleg Glauchau to TU Chemnitz

This October 140 Chinese applicants begin their studies in Chemnitz – 3 of them report about their way to the university and their career prospects

  • Verena Pietruschka advises foreign student applicants from China at the Student Service Point. Photo: Juliane Wenzel

With a peak of 140 newly enrolled students from the Studienkolleg in Glauchau starts Technische Universität Chemnitz into the new winter semester. Since 2001 exists a strong cooperation between TU Chemnitz and the Studienkolleg Glauchau. Due to this partnership, TU Chemnitz records annually a rising number of enrolled students from China. In winter semester 2013/14 were only 63 new enrollments, whereas in this winter semester this number is more than doubled.

Because of the differences between German and Chinese system of education, the applicants first need to pass the preparatory courses at the Studienkolleg Glauchau, before they are approved for the studies at TU Chemnitz. At the Studienkolleg are offered both, language courses and professional training courses. Applicants who graduated from Chinese high schools, which are not sufficient for studying in Germany, must first undergo specialized training. So-called T-courses prepare prospective students for technical, mathematical and scientific studies, W-courses prepare for degree programs in economics and social sciences. Additionally, one can attend German courses, language for special purposes courses and courses in computer technology. The one-year course usually ends with an assessment test which must be passed.

In an interview with the Central Course Guidance Service of TU Chemnitz, three freshmen report about their way to TU Chemnitz, their ideas about studying in Germany and where they see themselves in future careers. In contrast to educational system, all these students report of the cultural and national differences. Germany is described as “quiet, beautiful and clean“. Hajun Lu, 24-year-old student, who is matriculated in the Master Automobile Production &Technology, describes German as “very friendly“. The way of life is different than in China “Germans live slower“. “Chinese work very much”, says Hajun, “life is very hectic and the streets are overcrowded”. He describes nature as “very nice“ and the weather as “comfortable“. Shanyue Guan, who is also 24 years old, starts his Bachelor`s degree in Mechanical Engineering and indicates large differences between Germany and China. In addition to the smaller number of inhabitants, Shanyue believes that the training in Germany is much better than in China.

20-year-old Ming Xiao Lui, after finishing a specialized training in Glauchau, is now enrolled to the Bachelor at the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration. This young woman is very determined and justifies her course selection very rationally. Ming Xiao learned from an early age to appreciate the value of money and considers the basic knowledge about money and finances to be very important nowadays. Her family places a great emphasis on dealing with money, so the concerns about bread and butter are essential. “Money is not everything, but one cannot manage without it“, said Ming Xiao. She has received an opportunity for good education at TU Chemnitz at a very low cost of living. When looking for the right choice of university, she had compared many educational establishments and gathered information concerning studies.

Apart from the low cost of living in Chemnitz, the two newly enrolled students in Mechanical Engineering also praise the reputation of Technische Universität Chemnitz and its high degree of recognition in the automotive industry. “TU Chemnitz is famous for Mechanical Engineering and Automobile Production & Technology”, said Haijun Lu, who has already obtained his first Bachelor`s degree in Automobile Engineering in China. “German cars are widely known“. He is conscious of TU Chemnitz structure, and knows that a student must work independently and rely on himself. He describes: “In China the timetable with courses of studies is developed by lecturers. In Chemnitz I had to draw a plan on my own.“ After graduating from TU Chemnitz, he wants to work for Volkswagen. It doesn`t matter, whether he stays in Germany or works for VW Group in China.

On the other hand, Shanyue Guan wishes to stay in Germany. A friend of his recommended Shanyue to apply at TU Chemnitz, and proceed with his Bachelor`s degree in Mechanical Engineering. He has already graduated with this specialization in China. Since he was not admitted directly to the Master`s degree, Shanyue Guan had to catch up on some of the modules from the Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering. He expects to finish his studies in four years and wishes for his future to be occupied at one of the German companies in the automotive industry. If he had the chance, he would like to stay in Germany.

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(Author: Juliane Wenzel, Translation: Nataliia Boiko)

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