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Students promote cricket among the local people

The “Chemnitz cricket club” is now part of the Universitätssportgemeinschaft Chemnitz and welcomed six teams for an inaugural game

  • These players participated in the final match on the second day of inauguration cup. Photo: Varun Jain
  • The training ground of "Chemnitz cricket club" is situated at Markersdorfer Straße 141. Photo: Varun Jain
  • Sudhakar Muniswamy, captain of the winning team, received the trophy from Katherina Haase, President of Chemnitz cricket club. Photo: Varun Jain

Billie Jean King once said “Sports are a microcosm of society”. This phrase aptly characterizes the essence of sports in describing the societal coexistence and their symbiotic effect on societies. Different cultures get interlinked through sports in an adventurous and admiring way. While keeping this idea in mind, a group of students and various scientific researchers have come together to form a club under Universitätssportgemeinschaft Chemnitz e. V. (USG Chemnitz e.V.) for the famous English game “Cricket”. Chemnitz Cricket Club (CCC) has been born out with a main aim to promote the game among the local people as well as many international students, who may or may not be aware of the game.

The club has successfully marked its humble beginning by organizing an inaugural game on 23-24 August 2014 at Markersdorfer Straße 141, where the training ground of CCC is locat-ed. The event attracted participation of six teams from within and outside TU Chemnitz. Teams comprised students mainly from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. The cricket ground was filled with a feeling of cordialness and competitiveness among the participating teams. The aim of bringing different people together to enjoy and get to know the game was a great success. Students from different countries had the chance to play cricket and become acquainted with other team members.

This inaugural game was an initial step taken by “USG Chemnitz e.V. abt. Chemnitz Cricket Club” in their pursuit of being an active and engaging club with many bigger events to come in future. Frank Börner, Head of USG, and Katherina Haase, who is the President of CCC have also joined the club ground to encourage the players.

Earlier this month, the team of the Chemnitz Cricket Club has participated in the Saxony League and played against the Dresden Cricket Club in Dresden. Later, CCC will also participate in a tournament against a team from Berlin in Dresden.

Prof. Dr. Stephan Odenwald and Dr. Gert Schlegel from the Professorship of Sports Equip-ment & Technology and Prof. Dr. Arved Hübler from the Professorship for Print and Media Technology have constantly provided their motivational support to CCC.

(Author: Sanjeev Chauhan)

Katharina Thehos

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