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For Better Orientation in the Labyrinth of Authorities

The 115 telephone number offers a direct line to the public administration of Chemnitz even for newcomers of the university

In which park is it allowed to grill? What should I consider while re-registering my main place of residence? And how do I get a new passport? Questions like these often took a long search, many phone calls, stays at the public authorities and waiting in ques. However that is now a matter of the past: the authority`s telephone number 115 provides information about Chemnitz and the region. About 340 communes as well as federal and state authorities participate Germany-wide in this initiative. These authorities have already established a fast and non-bureaucratic contact with more than 27 million citizens with their federal, state or local administration. The 115 for Chemnitz is also linked up with all participating services centers and administrative levels of the city. Moreover, the Free State of Saxony provides answers to state and federal issues such as parents’ money or setting up business. This telephone number is particularly useful for students who begin their studies, and when most of the administrative issues pile up.

115 can be reached from Monday to Friday between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. The information provided by this service also helps students with their local concerns such as re-registration of the residence or vehicle, gives information on tax cards, visa or helps when requesting for exemption from GEZ-charges. According to the service commitment of all partners of 115 service, 75 percent of calls will be answered by staff members within 30 seconds Germany-wide, whereas in 65 percent of 115 calls the requested information will be provided immediately. If a request for information is forwarded to another authority, the caller will receive a reply by e-mail, fax or phone within 24 hours of the call during service hours. As a special service one can reserve an appointment in the registry office, so long waits at the community center can thus be avoided. The community center is situated at the following address in Chemnitz: am Wall, Düsseldorfer Platz 1. The authority’s number 115 can be reached from German landlines and from mobile phones at local rates and hence free of charge if the caller has a flat rate. A comprehensive overview of the achievements of 115 service is available on the website at

(Authors: Florentina Liefeith and Mario Steinebach, Translation: Nataliia Boiko)

Katharina Thehos

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