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Winning streak in Dresden

Chemnitz Cricketing Warriors won the "Outdoor Corporate Tournament" for the second time in a row

There is a great passion and a talent pool for cricket among the Asian student population in Technische Universität Chemnitz. They have proved themselves time to time by participating in different cricket matches and winning trophies for Chemnitz. In the last two months the Chemnitz Cricketing Warriors (CCW) team has been participating in the "Outdoor Corporate Tournament" in Dresden, organized by the Dresden Cricket Club in association with the Rugby Cricket Dresden. A total of ten teams have been involved in this tournament with TU Chemnitz being the one winner.

The captain of the team, Karthikeyan Rajan, took honor of accepting the winner´s trophy presented by Prof. Francis Stewart, the Head of the Dresden Cricket Club. He has also acknowledged the sporting spirit of the teams and a true cricketing spirit all along.
Last weekend, the TU Chemnitz team went to play three match series with TU Ilmenau. The 13th of June 2014 was a day of cricketing splendor and friendship of both, Chemnitz and Ilmenau team. In the three match series, the CCW team started with a loss in the opening game. Despite the slow start, team kept their spirits high and won the title against the team of Ilmenau this year as well as last year too for the second time in a row.

Deep Prakash, who used to play for the team from TU Chemnitz is now its acting Manager. "Young players are full of energy and skills, they were continuously supported and guided throughout the tournament by senior players Tushar Bose and Abhishek Sahni. I haven´t played cricket for a year, it will take some time to comeback as a fit player. Till that time I would like to support the team with varied responsibilities," said Deep Prakash.
Success, as always, has further strengthened the spirits of the players as well as added them some enthusiasm. This has provided additional motivation to the aspiring students, who want to be involved in sports and support TU Chemnitz in gathering cricket trophies. With a continued support from the authorities, it would be a good step towards strengthening cricket as a competitive sport in Saxony.

"Special thanks to the Head of the Institute for Sports Equipment Technology Prof. Stephan Odenwald, Dr. Gert Schlegel and Prof. Arved Hübler, the Head of the Institute for Print and Media Technology for their continuous motivational support of our team," said Deep Prakash.

(Author: Deep Prakash)

Mario Steinebach

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