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  • The Chemnitz Cricketing Warriors with the silver trophy of the international Rugby Cricket Tournament in Dresden: The Indian Master degree students of TU would like to give greater publicity to cricket in Germany. Standing from left: Shreyas Ravi , Ashutosh Loyalka, Kartikeyan Rajanganga, Harishankar Rajendran, Sudhakar Munniswami. Sitting from left: Srikar Injeti, Shashank Kashyap, Satyaveerendran Vegulla, Nikhil Deshmukh, Sanjeev Chauhan. Picture: private
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The Chemnitz Cricketing Warriors conquer the cricket pitch

The cricket team of TU Chemnitz became runner-up at the international rugby cricket tournament in Dresden

Cricket is a sport rich in tradition and in countries such as Pakistan, Bangladesh and India one of the most popular sports ever. Cricket is still not well known in Germany, but the team of Chemnitz Cricketing Warriors tries to change this. The team consists of nine Indian students of TU Chemnitz studying their master degree who regularly and very successfully participate in tournaments. The 2010 founded team specialized 2010 in indoor cricket and participated on 22 and 23 February, 2014 for the second time in the International Rugby Cricket Tournament in Dresden. "We have very committed and motivated players in our team. We are pleased to take part again and hopefully can still participate in many tournaments in the future," said Ashutosh-Laxminiwas Loyalka, captain of the Cricketing Warriors. The tournament is with a total of 14 national and international participating teams from various universities the largest indoor cricket tournament in eastern Germany.

To prepare optimally for the competitions the cricket team`s training is intensified before competitions. The players meet then twice a week in the gymnasium of TU Chemnitz at the campus Reichenhainer Straße. "We have trained hard for the tournament, after winning last year we had very high demands to ourselves," says Srikar Injeti, who is part of the team since 2012. The Chemnitz team fought until the end in Dresden, but in the final there was just a little bit missing to win. The Cricketing Warriors lost against a Czech team, but proudly brought back home the silver trophy. "It was a great experience to have qualified for the second time to participate in the Dresden tournament. We did our best and it paid off, I`m very happy to play in such a great team. Perhaps sometime there will be a cricket tournament in Chemnitz again, "says Shashank Kashyap, who is studying Automotive Software Engineering at TU Chemnitz.

(Author: Damaris Diener, Translation: Jakob Landwehr)

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