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  • Dr. Victor Koksharov (2nd.f.r.), Rector of the Ural Federal University, met at Chemnitz University of Technology the Rector Prof. Dr. Arnold van Zyl (2nd.f.l.), Vice-Rector Prof. Dr. Andreas Schubert (r.) and Dr. Wolfgang Lambrecht, Head of International Office. Photo: Katharina Thehos
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Chemnitz University of Technology broadens international network by leading partner in Russia

Upcoming cooperation with Ural Federal University Yekaterinburg

Russia counts among the focus regions within the international network of Chemnitz University of Technology for traditional as well as for strategic reasons. The university already cooperates successfully with 17 Russian partner institutions in a variety of scientific fields. A great number of scientists and PhD-students from Russia contribute to the promotion of research at Chemnitz University of Technology and Russian students represent the third-strongest share of international students with high growth rates within the last years.

This already existing and working network shall now be complemented by another strong partner: On 26th February 2013 the Rector of the Ural Federal University, Dr. Victor Koksharov, visited CUT-Rector Prof. Dr. Arnold van Zyl to talk about opportunities and perspectives of an upcoming collaboration especially concerning the scientific guidance to establish a competence center for mechanical engineering at Yekaterinburg.

The initiation of this partnership was supported and accompanied to a high extent by an important industrial partner of Chemnitz University of Technology: The company Niles Simmons Chemnitz provides scholarships for two students of Ural Federal University in the sector of mechanical engineering amounting 1.000 Euro monthly for spending a year abroad at Chemnitz University of Technology and it has also confirmed its support for the establishment of a competence center for mechanical engineering at Yekaterinburg.

Furthermore the two Rectors discovered during their conversation also a high congruency between their institutions not only in the field of mechanical engineering but also interesting opportunities and perspectives in other subjects.

Chemnitz University of Technology gains by the Ural Federal University a very strong partner: With more than 50.000 students this institution counts among the largest and also most recognized universities in Russia. Its additional international reputation is proved by i.a. the presence in global rankings like the QS-ranking where the Ural Federal University is ranked within the TOP 500. Finally the Ural Federal University disposes already of comprehensive experiences in the cooperation with German partners from science and economy.

Within the context of a prospective return visit of the CUT-Rector at Yekaterinburg in June the mutual high interest in the establishment of collaboration shall also formally be emphasized and underpinned by the solemn signature of a cooperation agreement.

(Author: Dr. Wolfgang Lambrecht)

Katharina Thehos

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