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25 Years of Practiced Internationality, Cosmopolitanism and Diversity

#TUCgether: Student Buddy Program of the International Office celebrated its 25th anniversary with a party

On 13th June 2024, the Student Buddy Program of the International Office celebrated its 25th anniversary with a party at the Club der Kulturen (CdK). More than 90 persons celebrated the diversity and cosmopolitanism represented by the Student Buddy Program of Chemnitz University of Technology on this special occasion. For 25 years, the Student Buddy Program has contributed to intercultural exchange and paved the way for international friendships. The anniversary focused on the diverse international campus community of TU Chemnitz. Among the participants were international students, current and former local buddies (“mentors”) and buddies. Representatives from the Foreign Language Center, the Career Service and the Student Service Organization Chemnitz-Zwickau, among others, who are important stakeholders for international students.

Various activities ensured a cheerful and exuberant atmosphere: The guests were able to put their knowledge of the Student Buddy Program to the test in a quiz.  Moreover, a special highlight of the evening was the opportunity to capture the best memories from 25 years of Student Buddy Program on postcards and thus look back on the various excursions, shared experiences and new friendships formed through the program. The participants were also able to create new memories in a large picture frame. In keeping with the spirit of the Student Buddy Program, this gave the celebration a personal and unique character.

"TU Chemnitz thanks all voluntarily engaged students in the Student Buddy Program. Thanks to their diverse involvement and commitment, they play a vital role in shaping the study time of their international fellow students at TU Chemnitz and create lasting memories", says Dr. Benny Liebold, Managing Director of the International Office at TU Chemnitz.

Background: The Student Buddy Program

For many years, TU Chemnitz has offered various programs to support international students and Phd-Students in the area of incoming, including the Student Buddy Program. The aim of the Student Buddy Program is to arrange informal mentorings between local and international students and to organize excursions and events that promote exchange between students from abroad and local students at TU Chemnitz as well as the better integration of international students in Chemnitz. The program is very popular. Each semester, 50 students of TU Chemnitz voluntarily engaged as local buddies. To become part of the international campus community, interested students of TU Chemnitz can find more information on the website of the Student Buddy Program. (https://www.tu-chemnitz.de/international/incoming/patenprogramm/index.php.en)

For further information please contact Susan Kuchs, tel. +49 371 531-37993, email: susan.kuchs@iuz.tu-chemnitz.de.

(Authors: Susann Kuchs, Jennifer Bosniatzki)

Mario Steinebach

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