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Welcome Help on the Way to an Exciting Internship

Shashank Prakash Dashpute is studying for a Master's degree in Advanced Manufacturing at Chemnitz University of Technology - With the help of the TUC Career Service, he found an internship at the Fraunhofer IWU

Can you please tell us a little bit about yourself?

Sure, I’m 25 years old, I’m from India and currently pursuing Master’s study in Advanced Manufacturing with a specialization in Work Design and Sustainability Management at Chemnitz University of Technology. During university, I worked on some interesting projects and case studies that improved my software skills. This knowledge is now also helping me with my internship at the Fraunhofer IWU, which I am currently completing. I really enjoy exercising, and I believe it helps me stay balanced.

Why did you come to Chemnitz and how do you perceive the city and its university today?

The University's excellent reputation in my field was a big factor. I was also keen to immerse myself in the culture and friendly atmosphere of Chemnitz. So far the city impressed me with its perfect blend of modernity and history. Regarding the University, I appreciated the emphasis on the practical application of theoretical knowledge. It's the ideal place to further your academic development. The support from the lecturers and the vibrant student life were additional aspects that contributed to my positive experience here. The people in Chemnitz are friendly. It's a cool place to study and live.

You are now completing an internship at a Fraunhofer Institute in Chemnitz. Was it easy to get an internship?

I planned this step carefully. I began by researching companies aligned with my career goals and reaching out to them. Networking played a crucial role; I attended industry events, connected with professionals on LinkedIn, and sought advice from my university's career service. There I took advantage of important further offers, such as checking my application documents and sending documents to partner companies. When I finally received a call from Fraunhofer IWU and was invited to an interview, I took advantage of the Career Service's offer, including a mock interview and a detailed guide with important tips for the interview.

What are you doing in your internship at Fraunhofer?

I’m working on an exciting research project that aims to explore the potential of open source hardware to improve the transparency and simplicity of conducting sustainability assessments, particularly in the context of small wind turbines. This project will explore how open source software designs can be used to facilitate comparative life cycle assessments and provide guidance for future product development in the renewable energy sector.

Exciting! What advice do you have for students who would also like to complete an internship?

I can highly recommend the Career Service of Chemnitz University of Technology to prospective students and students of Chemnitz University of Technology. Visit the events and career fairs organized there, take part in workshops and use offers such as the application document check and the various networking opportunities with partner companies of the Career Service!

What do you wish for your future?

Looking forward, I want to keep growing in my field and use what I've learned at Chemnitz University of Technology. I hope to find good opportunities that match my career goals. Thanks to the TUC Career Service, I feel prepared to find a job that's challenging and meaningful. I also plan to keep learning and staying updated on what's happening in my industry.

(The interview was conducted by Sophie Oelsch in German. Translation: Sophie Oelsch)

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