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Third Common Room Opened at Chemnitz University of Technology

Requested in the TUCpanel student survey: Students can now also study and work in the new common room at the Wilhelm-Raabe-Straße 43 campus

Chemnitz University of Technology (TUC) now offers its students another place for collective learning, exchanging ideas, taking breaks, and creative working. The third so-called common room of TUC is located on the ground floor of the Wilhelm-Raabe-Straße 43 campus. It is also the first common room of TUC at this location and is freely accessible to all students as well as employees.

Learning, Working, and Relaxing

A real eye-catcher in the new common room is the wooden corner bench, in which various sitting and working positions can be adopted. Even larger group work can be done here. Whether traditionally at the table, on the corner bench, or at the work counter, the new common room is equipped with power outlets everywhere. Particularly important for university members who are located at Wilhelm-Raabe-Straße is the kitchenette. Hot water and a microwave here ensure that snacks can be prepared during breaks.

A challenge was to link the new components of the room with the existing conditions. For example, the original tiles were retained, but the planning office cleverly picked up on them in the color scheme of the individual room elements. "The result is a coherent overall concept, which is something to be proud of. I am particularly pleased that students on site now have the opportunity to spend their breaks in a relaxed and modern atmosphere," says Susann Kappler from the TUCdiscover project, who played a key role in the implementation of the Common Rooms.

Student's desire for more learning spaces is fulfilled

In 2019, the first common room was implemented at the Straße der Nationen 62 campus with comfortable corner sofas, standing tables and separate work areas, taking into account the needs of the students. In 2022, the second common room followed in the Weinhold building on the campus of Reichenhainer Straße, where five open work islands invite students to linger. "The great need for such rooms was determined from the results of the TUCpanel surveys among the Chemnitz students of the previous years," says Kappler, who in this context likes to refer to the current student survey TUCpanel, which runs until May 21, 2023, and is now significantly shorter.

The third common room was also aligned with the needs of the students, which has been very well received - for example, by Maja Riedel, a psychology student studying for her master's degree: "Wilhelm-Raabe-Straße is somewhat secluded, so it was not possible to walk to another campus during break times. This place can now be used for breaks, relaxation, and as a meeting place for students of different departments. I am pleased that we as students were heard and could make a difference."

The common room is also a real passion project for the psychology department. "The students at our institute have been literally left high and dry here on Wilhelm-Raabe-Straße - without a cafeteria or canteen and without a room for joint breaks. We deserved this common room so much and we are very happy that the commitment to this room is finally paying off. We have motivated fellow students to take the opportunity of the TUCpanel survey to draw attention to the missing retreat spaces at this campus. In addition, we started a petition with which we were able to collect more than 340 votes at our institute," says Lisa Knauer on behalf of the entire department.

Further common coom planned at the Erfenschlager Straße 73 campus

In the future, there will also be a common room at the Erfenschlager Straße 73 campus. "The first design drafts for the premises have already been completed, so that implementation can begin shortly," says Kappler.

For more information on the Common Rooms, please contact Susann Kappler, e-mail susann.kappler@verwaltung.tu-chemnitz.de

(Article: Mario Steinebach / Translation: Brent Benofsky)

Matthias Fejes

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