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Authentic Videos Bring Chemnitz University of Technology Study Programs and Study Location to Life

In the new season of Chemnitz University of Technology's video campaign, ten study programs or study areas are presented in a multifaceted way – two additional videos provide insights into life in Chemnitz and show how to achieve the perfect start to university studies

The Chemnitz University of Technology has released a new season of its video campaign featuring ten study program videos. In the two-to-three-minute clips, students from Chemnitz University of Technology share their personal perspectives on the unique appeal of the Chemnitz study location and the characteristics of their respective study programs at the university. In addition, teachers and researchers provide insights into their daily lives, while graduates discuss career prospects for each study program. There are also two "special videos" that show prospective students what makes the Chemnitz study location so livable and how to achieve the perfect start to the semester.

The protagonist of the "Studying in Chemnitz" videos, Natalie Bleyl, has studied at Chemnitz University of Technology herself and has been living in the European Capital of Culture 2025 for seven years. The young photographer says in the video that she has "no intention of changing that for now" and adds that Chemnitz absolutely deserves to present its cultural face to all of Europe with the Capital of Culture title. In the "Study Start Video", Dr. Maria Worf (Foreign Language Center), Oliver Sachs (International Office), and Angela Malz (University Library) highlight various offers that students can take advantage of when starting their studies at Chemnitz University of Technology. From the enrollment ceremony to planning a semester abroad, both prospective students and newcomers can find comprehensive information here.

The clips are available in a separate playlist on Chemnitz University of Technology's YouTube channel and are also embedded in the individual study program presentations on the university's website. The new season introduces the following study programs:

English Studies (Bachelor)

Media Communication (Bachelor)

Intercultural Communication (Bachelor)

German Studies (Bachelor)

MINT: Mathematics, Computer Science, and Natural Sciences, with Applications in Engineering (Bachelor)

Advanced and Computational Mathematics (Master)

Primary School Teaching (State Examination)


Business Administration and Engineering

Business Information Systems

Short social media versions of the new videos have also been created to reach prospective students nationwide through Chemnitz University of Technology's channels. The production of the new season was carried out in collaboration with LUMALENSCAPE Filmproduktion GmbH, which contributed its professional perspective on the target group of prospective students.

Background: Video production in the TUCdiscover project

As part of Chemnitz University of Technology's video campaign, 27 videos for student recruitment have been created so far. The criteria for the content were developed within the "Student Recruitment" task force of Chemnitz University of Technology. The campaign was coordinated within the TUCdiscover project under the direction of Prof. Dr. Maximilian Eibl, Vice President for Academic and International Affairs at Chemnitz University of Technology. "The films that have now been created are seen as a basis – I cordially invite the faculties to produce additional videos on this basis. For this purpose, project coordinator Susann Kappler is available as a contact person," Eibl points out.

Contact: Susann Kappler, tel. 0371 531-37160, e-mail susann.kappler@verwaltung.tu-chemnitz.de

Matthias Fejes

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