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International "Across Summer Schools" 2022 at the TU Chemnitz at-tended by approximately 70 students representing more than 25 countries

Summer School series of the European University "Across" on linguistics, neuroro-botics and plastics processing organized and carried out by the lecturers of the TU Chemnitz as well as their partner universities in Bialystok, Rezekne, Nova Gorica and Udine with the support of the team from Across

The "Across" Summer Schools 2022 launched on September 12 with a hybrid event on the topic of "Bilingualism and Multilingualism". The course was organized by Dr. Greta Mazzaggio, Research Associate at the Center for Cognitive Science of Language at the University of Nova Gorica (Slovenia), and her colleagues from the University of Udine (Italy). The organizers selected 20 students from more than 50 international applications to participate on-site, while an additional 15 joined online. During the event, students had the opportunity to present their research topics in an international context.

A particular highlight of this event is the "Book of Proceedings", which is going to be published in spring 2023 in open access format and will contain the first research results of the participants. "The Across International Summer School at TU Chemnitz has provided us with the opportunity to work, learn and network together with participants from 23 countries. Thanks to the ACROSS network and DAAD funding, we were also able to offer scholarships to 15 students," Greta Mazzagio states happily.

More than 30 students from all over the world applied for the Summer School "Neurorobotics" from the 26th to the 30th of September 2022, the organizers invited 21 of them. Prof. Dr. Florian Röhrbein, holder of the professorship Neurorobotics at TU Chemnitz, and Prof. Michael Kuciej from Bialystok University of Technology (Poland) led through a diverse program, characterized by practical demonstrations, a lab tour of the professorship Neurorobotics, poster sessions and a programming competition. In order to exchange ideas and network in the future, a Slack group was established. Further meetings after the Summer School are scheduled to take place as part of the work on an EU project proposal and a student exchange in February 2023.

Prof. Florian Röhrbein stated: "A very intense week, which was also great fun and  can therefore hopefully be repeated next year“.

The final event was the Summer School on "Plastics Processing", organized by Katharina Götz and Tomasz Osiecki of TU Chemnitz in cooperation with Dr. Marek Jałbrzykowski from the Bialystok University of Technology. According to the final feedback round, the event convinced the participants due to a mixture of lectures and practical applications. Participants of the MERGE research cluster at TU Chemnitz got to experience the state-of-the-art research laboratories and focused on the fundamental concepts of thermoplastic processing, compounding and the production of a complex lightweight part.

Background: Across Seasonal Schools

Since 2021, the European Crossborder University "Across" actively promotes cooperation and teaching among the "Across" partners by funding up to four Seasonal Schools per year. For each Seasonal School, 15 to 20 students can receive a travel scholarship to Chemnitz. Lecturers at "Across" are responsible for organizing the content, while the "Across" team assists them with logistics and processing. Requirement for the realization is a successful application regarding the funding of a Seasonal School with a course proposal by lecturers of at least two universities from the „Across"-Alliance.

(Author: Ariane Korn/Translation: Maja Heincke)

Matthias Fejes

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