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Living on the Chemnitz Campus Is Particularly Affordable

Studentenwerk Chemnitz-Zwickau is still offering available dormitory accommodation for the upcoming winter semester - "Hochschulstädte-Scoring 2022": Rents for a shared apartment are particularly favorable in Chemnitz

The start of the winter semester 2022/23 is approaching, but some prospective students still have the question: Where to live? The dormitories of the Chemnitz-Zwickau Studentenwerk in Chemnitz offer a very affordable option. Rents currently range from 179.50 euros to 276.50 euros, depending on room type and furnishings, and are thus well below the current BAföG flat-rate housing allowance of 360 euros. "In addition to fast internet and building maintenance service, this already includes all ancillary costs, including electricity and heating, in contrast to the free housing market. Despite rising energy prices, no tenant in our residence halls need fear an additional payment; our flat rents offer full cost control without expensive surprises. We can guarantee stable rents for students until the end of the year. Depending on the further development of energy prices, we expect an increase in the flat rate for ancillary costs for the new year, but will still be able to offer our rooms well below the BAföG flat rate for housing costs," says Vicky Loske, press spokesperson for the Chemnitz-Zwickau Studentenwerk. You also do not have to worry about the purchase of furniture, a refrigerator, etc. The rooms are already fully furnished. Rooms with washing machines and dryers in the building as well as plenty of recreational facilities are further advantages of dormitory living.

The fact that Chemnitz is a particularly favorable study location is also underscored by the latest "Hochschulstädte-Scoring" of the Moses Mendelssohn Institute and the portal WG-Gesucht.de. On average, the cost of a room in a shared apartment in the 95 cities surveyed with more than 5,000 students is 435 euros. In Munich, a comparable shared apartment rent has already risen to 700 euros, well above the BAföG flat rate for housing costs. In Chemnitz, the average rent is far more affordable at 250 euros.

Those interested in living in the student dormitories on the campus of Chemnitz University of Technology can get an impression of the dorm rooms in the 360-degree tours at www.swcz.de/wohnen and apply online. In addition, the Chemnitz-Zwickau Studentenwerk offers many videos and recorded live tours of the individual residence halls on its Instagram channel.

Further information on the Chemnitz-Zwickau Studentenwerk and the dormitories: www.swcs.de/wohnen.

(Translation: Brent Benofsky)

Matthias Fejes

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