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Studying in the European Capital of Culture 2025 Is an Option for Many Young People

Around 800 prospective students gathered information at the University Information Day TUCdiscover on June 11, 2022 in the university library and on campus.

"There is quite a lot you can do here," said high school graduate Cora Kempe from Pockau at the University Information Day of Chemnitz University of Technology on June 11, 2022 in the university library. With that, she pretty much summed up what this Saturday was all about - true to the motto "TUCdiscover", experiencing Chemnitz University of Technology for yourself in as many facets as possible. Cora Kempe was in good company, because about 800 young people had followed the call of Chemnitz University of Technology.

On site, visitors were presented with an extensive range of information and services, provided by numerous helpful employees and students from almost all areas of the university. On the first floor of the library alone, school students as well as Bachelor graduates could inform themselves about studying at Chemnitz University of Technology at 23 booths. In addition, there were 17 stations of the Mechanical Engineering Experience Street on the Reichenhainer Straße campus as well as guided tours in the Faculty of Natural Sciences. In addition to the pure experience, the focus was also on content-related questions such as the study requirements, campus life, housing and work opportunities, cultural offerings as well as leisure and entertainment, for example in the student clubs on campus.

For Cora Kempe, the study of psychology was already set before her visit to the university. That's why it was more important for her to gather impressions on site and to talk to representatives of the subject - in the best sense of TUCdiscover.

Get a personal impression of the studies

The Press Office and Crossmedia Communications team got talking to visitors as part of the TUCdiscover study information day and asked about their interests and impressions.

Rebecca from Chemnitz: "I think it's all very well organized here and I'm happy about the possibility that you can just go up to the people at the booth and ask questions. I'm particularly interested in the social aspect."

Miriam from Rostock: "Me and my friend Martin, who is accompanying me, are interested in the Master's programs because we would like to study in Chemnitz. I am currently still studying psychology, Martin is studying biomedical engineering. Today, we mainly want to get first-hand information. We really like how clear everything is here and that they take time for us."

Lois from Chemnitz: "I am interested in elementary school teaching at Chemnitz University of Technology. I have already informed myself in advance about the program and found it great that I could ask my questions here in direct personal contact."

Julius from Leipzig: "I am interested in engineering, electrical engineering and business informatics. The university makes a modern impression, which I like very much. I also really like the fact that I can clarify for myself which direction I want to go in through the events and discussions on site."

Nico from Burgstädt: "I'm particularly interested in the study options in the fields of technology and chemistry. I think it's great that there's this information day and that we were given a guided tour with experiments in the field of chemistry. This gives us another personal impression of the courses of study.

For further information, please contact the staff of the TUCdiscover project, Monique Reuther, e-mail monique.reuther@verwaltung.tu-chemnitz.de, and Susann Kappler, e-mail susann.kappler@verwaltung.tu-chemnitz.de.

Contact the Central Course Guidance Service of Chemnitz University of Technology: tel. 0371 531-55555, e-mail studienberatung@tu-chemnitz.de

(Translation: Brent Benofsky)

Matthias Fejes

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