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Students Give Chemnitz University of Technology Very Good Grades

CHE University Ranking 2022: Students are very satisfied with study conditions and support at the beginning of their studies

More than 300 universities, universities of applied sciences, dual study universities and universities of cooperative education in German-speaking countries were examined by the Center for Higher Education (CHE) in its latest detailed university ranking. In addition to facts about studying, teaching, facilities and research, the ranking includes judgments from around 120,000 students surveyed about the study conditions at their universities. The results will be published on May 3, 2022, in the ZEIT Studienführer (Study Guide) 2022/23. Each year, about one-third of the entire range of subjects is re-evaluated. This year, the subjects of mechanical engineering, mechatronics, electrical engineering and information technology, German studies and psychology at Chemnitz University of Technology were also analyzed.

Chemnitz University of Technology receives many very good ratings in the subject of psychology, among others. Here, the Chemnitz students particularly appreciate the support provided by the lecturers, the support during the studies and the range of courses. The fact that it is possible to complete the undergraduate degree in a reasonable amount of time is also rated positively by psychology students. According to the CHE survey, they receive very good support at the beginning of their studies, as do students in the study programs offered by the faculties of mechanical engineering as well as electrical engineering and information technology. The university library, the equipment of the internship labs and the contact with professional practice in the master's program are also rated very positively by students in electrical engineering and information technology. In German studies, the study organization is praised in particular. The subject of mechanical engineering achieves a top ranking with the research funds per scientist, as well as with the room facilities and in the diploma program in mechanical engineering in the category "contact with professional practice". Publications by scientists in electrical engineering and information technology are frequently cited.

Landing page for studying in Chemnitz

If you want to get comprehensive information about studying in Chemnitz, we recommend the landing page "Studying in Chemnitz" (www.study-in-chemnitz.com). This web portal is intended to arouse the curiosity of pupils and prospective students about Chemnitz University of Technology, to accompany them on their way to study and to support them when starting their studies. Helpful information and tips concerning the decision to study, the start of studies and beyond are consolidated here and made quickly visible for interested parties. In addition, the TU Chemnitz invites to the university information day "TUCdiscover" on June 11, 2022, where prospective students will be advised about studying in Chemnitz in the university library. The program is currently being developed.

The detailed CHE university ranking on the Internet: www.ranking.zeit.de

(Article: Mario Steinebach / Translation: Brent Benofsky)

Matthias Fejes

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