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Digital Support for International Students

Get digital advising and support with TUCinterdigital

The model project TUCinterdigital was launched at Chemnitz University of Technology this year. This program aims to support international students as they face cultural, linguistic, and individual challenges. The project is funded by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)’s STIBET II program with funds from the German Foreign Office for three years. Project funding is almost 178,000 euros.

Uncomplicated digital help - digital platform under construction

International students face numerous cultural, linguistic, and individual challenges, especially at the beginning of their studies at a German university. Universities must support international students in overcoming these challenges to contribute to their academic success.

With the model project, the International Office at Chemnitz University of Technology has set a goal to digitally support students while expanding existing support and continuing education programs for international students. To this end, various digital programs will be offered where students can obtain information about studying in an uncomplicated manner. In addition to providing support within a student’s major, these programs include help with the general organization of studies and intercultural aspects of German university culture.

The project’s first milestone is the digital information and communication platform DigiAssist, which should be available starting in mid-2021 and will bring all programs together under one roof.

Background: DAAD STIBET II Program

The DAAD STIBET II program aims to initiate model projects for international students that help to increase academic success, strengthen subject-specific support, and enhance the intercultural competence of students and university staff.

For additional information, please contact Jennifer Bosniatzki, staff member at Chemnitz University of Technology’s International Office, Phone +49 371 531-33072, E-mail: jennifer.bosniatzki@iuz.tu-chemnitz.de.

(Author: Jennifer Bosniatzki / Translation: Chelsea Burris)

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