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DFG Research Unit 1154 "Towards Molecular Spintronics"
Young Researcher

DFG Research Unit 1154 „Towards Molecular Spintronics“

Young Researchers:

SP1: Monolayers of redox-active high-spin molecules on conducting and ferromagnetic metals: Control of self-assembly and integration into devices


Martin Boerner

  • synthesis of redox-active polynuclear complexes and deposition on surfaces and nanoparticles

Sara Schmorl

  • synthesis of polynuclear complexes with phthalocyanin ligands

Laura Blömer

  • synthesis of polynuclear complexes and analysis of magnetic properties


SP2: From the preparation of monomolecular layers to thin films of magnetic transition metal complexes towards their integration into spintronic devices


Rasha K. Al-Shewiki
  • synthesis and characterization of ferrocenylporphyrins

Saddam Weheabby
  • synthesis and functionalization of bis(oxamato) & bis(oxamidato) type transition metal complexes

Nell Uhlig
  • synthesis and characterization of metallophthalocyanines

Ahmed Khalladi
  • synthesis of metallophthalocyanines


SP3: Electronic structure, transport, and collective effects in molecular layered systems


Dr. Torsten Hahn
  • first-principle DFT calculations to study charge and spin transport
  • investigation of molecular properties like magnetic exchange and anisotropy, electronic level scheme etc. using different models
  • support of experimental characterization of molecular structures and films
    (STM, ESR, EELS, ...)

Simon Liebing
  • ab-initio DFT and transport calculations of magnetic molecules
  • analysis and interpretation of spectroscopic data using several DFT-based methods

Tim Ludwig
  • calculation of  the non-equilibrium electron transport through magnetic molecules, which is controlled by the magnetic moment and the electronic level scheme of the molecules
  • modeling of STM/STS for molecules on surfaces


SP4: Electron spin resonance and magnetic studies


Dr. Andreas Petr

  • ESR spectroscopy


SP5: Electronic charge and spin dynamics in single molecules and thin films


SP6: Scanning tunneling microscopy and spectroscopy of magnetic molecules


Ha Nguyen-Thi-Ngoc
  • Scanning Tunneling Microscopy at the liquid-solid interface to study organic molecules samples

Thi Thuy Nhung Nguyen
  • scanning tunneling microscopy and spectroscopy at low temperature (5K) under ultra high vacuum conditions

Dr. Danny Baumann
  • high-resolution as well as spin-polarized scanning tunneling microscopy and spectroscopy studies on self-assembled monolayer or multilayer systems at ultra-low temperatures (300 mK) and high magnetic fields

Dr. Zhixiang Sun
  • applying of variable temperature scanning tunneling microscopy/spectroscopy to probe the self-assembly and electronic structures of endohedral fullerenes on metal surfaces


SP7: Spectroscopic studies of magnetic molecular materials and their interfaces


Jana Kalbacova

  • micro-Raman spectroscopy and tip-enhanced Raman spectroscopy measurements

Dmytro Solonenko

  • characterization of thin organic films and compounds via methods of vibrational spectroscopy (Raman, FT-IR).


SP8: From the preparation of molecular layers and their (magneto-)optical investigation towards laterally stacked devices


Dr. Danny Reuter

  • design, fabrication and packaging issues in micro-/nanoelectromechanical systems
  • process development for material and smart system integration, in particular high aspect ratio micro- and nanostructures for high performance sensor applications


SP9: Vertical magneto-resistive devices made from hybrid metal/molecules/metal multi-layer systems

Foto_Fernández Siles

Dr. Pablo Roberto Fernández Siles

  • evaluation and characterization of interface properties in semiconductor/phthalocyanines, metal/phthalocyanines and oxide/phthalocyanines systems by means of Scanning Probe Microscopy electrical modes as Current Sensing Atomic Force Microscopy as well as Electric and Kelvin Force Microscopy

Dr. Feng Zhu

  • fabrication of micro-scale organic magnetoresistance device; investigation of transport properties in micro-scale organic molecules films devices

Vineeth Kumar Bandari

  • development of organic spin valves based on rolled-up nanotechnology
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