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DFG Research Unit 1154 "Towards Molecular Spintronics"
Former Members

DFG Research Unit 1154 „Towards Molecular Spintronics“

Former Members:

SP1: Thin films of redox-active high-spin molecules


Frederik Schleife

  • preparation of polynuclear complexes and investigation of their magnetic properties
  • maintenance and operation of a SQUID-magnetometer

Sina Gruschinski

  • synthesis of polynuclear transition metal complexes of amine-thiophenolate ligands
  • characterization by SQUID magnetometry and EPR

Dr. Jochen Lach

  • preparation of polynuclear complexes and investigation of their magnetic properties
  • maintenance and operation of a SQUID-magnetometer

Matthias Golecki

  • synthesis and characterization of encapsulated phosphine transition metal complexes

Ulrike Lehmann

  • synthesis and characterization of macrocyclic amine-thiophenolate ligands and their transition metal complexes


SP2: Preparation of Spin Coated Thin Films and SAMs of Magnetic Transition Metal Complexes


Karoline Rühlig

  • synthesis and characterization of PAMAM-based magnetodendrimers

Ulrike Pfaff

  • investigation of metal-metal interactions in bimetallic organometallic complexes

Carola Mende

  • synthesis and modification of  phthalocyanines
  • studies of mono-layers

Mohammad A. Abdulmalic

  • developing of BIS (oxamato and oxamidato) spacers as precursors for mono, later trimetalic complexes, attempts to increase J coupling between metal centres
  • synthesis of some optically active trimetalic complexes and study the optical activity effect by the mean of moke

Astride Kammoe

  • synthesis and caracterisation of (inorganic)/ hybrid materials
  • exhibiting tune able magnetic and conductive properties

Dr. Francois Eya'ane Meva

  • Synthesis and characterization of transition metal complexes
  • Preparation of spin coated thin films

Sascha Dietrich

  • synthesis and characterization of terminal functionalized (poly)amidoamine-based metallodendrimers for catalytic applications and as stabilizers for metal- and metaloxid nanoparticles

Sabine Engelmann

  • functionalization of dendritic systems with phosphino-endgroups and complexation with metalcarbonyls
  • generation and characterization of different nanoparticles through the thermal decomposition of this complexes

Alexander Hildebrandt

  • synthesis and characterisation of ferrocenyl substituted heterocycles and Investigation of their electro- and spectroelectrochemical behavior
  • electronic coupling in mixed valent multiredox systems

Marcus Korb

  • synthesis of Ferrocenyl-Porphyrines

Dinara Nurpeisova

  • synthesis of metallophthalocyanines


SP3: Electronic Structure, Transport and Collective Effects in Molecular Layered Systems


Rico Friedrich

  • DFT based electronic structure calculations of metal phthalocyanines
  • investigation of electronic transitions and absorption behavior

Dr. Claudia Martin

  • DFT study of the electronic and magnetic properties of organometallic complexes


SP4: Electron Spin Resonance and Magnetic Studies


Dr. Yulia Krupskaya

  • high field / high frequency electron spin resonance (HF-ESR) spectroscopy
  • static magnetization measurements

Jaena Park

  • Magnetic studies and electron spin resonance spectroscopy

Azar Aliabadi

  • X-band electron spin resonance measurements
  • high field / high frequency electron spin resonance (HF-ESR) spectroscopy
  • static magnetization measurements


SP5: Spin Dynamics in Single Molecules and Thin Films


Marco Günther

  • NMR / MAS-NMR measurement in Dresden
  • muSR / slow muons at TRIUMF and Paul Scherrer Institut

Nicolas Yeche

  • 57Fe Mössbauer Spectroscopy measurements in the range of 2
  • 300K: Determination of oxidation states of iron atoms in molecules as well as their role in the global magnetism

Lucas Maede

  • Mössbauer Spectroscopy on a mixed valence Ferrocenium system to figure out the properties of the dynamical behavior of delocalized electrons on one of the two iron sides
  • Measurements with sample material in solvent to extract properties independent of the counter ion

Liang Gong

  • Bachelor internship about NMR measurement of single molecule magnet


SP6: Magnetic Molecules Studied by Scanning Tunnelling Microscopy and Spectroscopy


Dr. Marius Toader

  • investigation of promising magnetic molecules adsorbed on well defined crystalline substrates under ultra high vacuum conditions with the scanning tunnelling microscope and spectroscope
  • study of the adsorption geometry as well as the electronic transport for isolated single molecular magnets, molecular close-packed self-assembled monolayers and multilayer systems

Lars Smykalla

  • scanning tunneling microscopy and spectroscopy at low temperature (30K) under ultra high vacuum conditions
  • investigation of the adsorption geometry and electronic properties of magnetic molecules in self-assembled monolayer and multilayer systems
  • DFT calculations of molecular orbitals

Dr. Pavel Shukrynau

  • scanning tunneling microscopy and spectroscopy, phase transitions, electromigration and kinetic phenomena at solid surfaces.
  • adsorption of magnetic molecules on the different metal/metal oxide substrates, with the aim to prepare stable surface structures for the possible application in nanotechnology.
  • application of synchrotron radiation in photoelectron spectroscopy and photoelectron diffraction; adsorption of magnetic molecules onto metals plated-semiconductor surfaces.

Jiang Peng

  • scanning tunneling microscopy and spectroscopy under ultra high vacuum conditions
  • investigation of magnetic molecules adsorbed on the well defined crystalline substrate substrates and in self-assembled monolayer and multilayer system

Chau Yen Nguyen Doan

  • scanning tunneling microscopy at the liquid-solid interface to study organic molecules samples

Martha Scheffler

  • installation of a scanning tunneling microscope and the investigation of magnetic molecules with STM and STS

Ronny Schlegel

  • scanning tunnelling microscopy and spectroscopy at low temperatures (300mK) and high magnetic fields

Christian Salazar

  • scanning tunneling microscopy and spectroscopy of magnetic molecules


SP7: Spectroscopic Studies of Magnetic Molecular Materials


Benjamin Mahns

  • characterisation of materials using EELS and PES
  • measurements at BESSY

Susi Lindner

  • photoemission spectroscopy studies of magnetic molecules and their interfaces

Florian Rückerl

  • photoemission spectroscopy on the charge transfer at transition metal phthalocyanine interfaces

Dr. Iulia Genoveva Toader

  • characterization and preparation of organic field-effect transistors (OFETs)

Michael Ludemann

  • Raman spectroscopy ex situ, in ultra-high vacuum conditions and Raman monitoring during growth
  • special interest in enhancement mechanisms of Raman scattering for investigation of ultra-thin layers of organic molecules

Evelyn Breyer

  • preparation and electrical characterization of organic/inorganic hybrid junctions

Francisc Haidu

  • UPS, XPS and IPES measurements in Chemnitz
  • XPS and NEXAFS measurements at BESSY

Jing Guo

  • UPS, IPES and XPS measurements

Dr. Volodymyr Dzhagan

  • vibrational (Raman scattering) and photoemission spectrocopy of metallophthalocyanines and porphyrines

Manuel Monecke

  • deposition of La1-xSrxMnO3 (LSMO) thin films by sputtering and spin coating X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS) depth profiling and imaging measurements Modeling of spectroscopic magneto optical Kerr effect and ellipsometry data


SP8: (Magneto-)optical Investigations and Laterally Stacked Devices


Dr. Michael Fronk

  • magneto-optical Kerr effect spectroscopy and magnetometry at variable wavelength
  • optical model calculations

Frank Lungwitz

  • spin-coating of metal-organic structures and (magneto-) optical characterization
  • characterization of self-assembled-monolayers (SAM)

Peter Robaschik

  • organic molecular beam deposition
  • MOKE and ellipsometry measurements

Oana-Tereza Ciubotariu

  • structural and magnetic investigation of ferromagnets

Peter Richter

  • in-situ MOKE spectroscopy
  • installation of a MOKE-setup for spatially-resolved spectroscopic measurements

Daniel Bülz

  • electrical and magnetic characterization of organic field effect transistors
  • Hall-measurements on trench devices

Mike Stummvoll

  • sample preparation
  • MOKE, VASE and AFM measurements

Sreetama Banerjee

  • fabrication and electrical characterization of laterally stacked devices

Joydeep Ghosh

  • development of technological concepts
  • design and layout of different geometries based on trench isolation technology


SP9: Transport through Spin-Polarized Semiconductor/Molecule/Semiconductor Tunnel Junctions


María Esperanza Navarro Fuentes

  • fabrication and characterization of hybrid nanomembrane-based devices (fabrication of hybrid organic-inorganic spin-valves)

Céline Vervacke

  • investigation of the transport properties of Metal / metal-phthalocyanines/ metal vertical hybrid junctions as a function of film thickness, magnetic-field and temperature

Abdur Rehman Jalil

  • investigation of electrical properties of semiconductor/phthalocyanines, metal/phthalocyanines and oxide/phthalocyanines structures by Current Sensing Atomic Force Microscopy
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