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Faculty of Humanities
Examination Boards

Chairpersons since Summer Semester 2020

Course Chairperson
English and American Studies (all) Prof. Dr. Cecile Sandten
Digital Media and Communication Cultures (MA) Prof. Dr. Michael Müller
European History (BA) Prof. Dr. Martin Clauss
European History (MA) Prof. Dr. Frank-Lothar Kroll
European Integration (MA) Prof. Dr. Matthias Niedobitek
German Studies (all) Prof. Dr. Winfried Thielmann
Computer Science & Communication Studies (B.Sc) Prof. Dr. Andreas Goerdt
European Studies (BA) Prof. Dr. Dagmar Gesmann-Nuissl (Fak. WiWi)
Intercultural German Studies Prof. Dr. Winfried Thielmann
Intercultural Communication (BA/MA)/
Intercultural Competence (MA)
Prof. Dr. Heidrun Friese
Media Communication (all) Prof. Dr. Peter Ohler
Media and Instructional Psychology (MA) Prof. Dr. Günter Daniel Rey
Education (BA) Prof. Dr. Robert Kreitz
Political Science (all) PD Dr. Christian Schweiger
Reception Cultures of the Premodern Era (MA) Prof. Dr. Christoph Fasbender
Semiotics and Multimodal Communication (MA) Prof. Dr. Ellen Fricke