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International Master and Ph.D. program

Advanced and Computational Mathematics

Nowadays the use of mathematics is indispensable for an efficient treatment of complex real-world problems coming from engineering, computer science, economics, finance etc. To list a few, but rather influential and striking examples, we refer to the household automatic control system, Google ranking, portfolio optimization, weather forecast or big data analysis. Here, the first step is to find out essential variables and model those links between them which crucially determine a real-world problem. This allows to further undertake the quantitative analysis of the resulting mathematical model. In particular, computation and optimization issues become important in order to obtain new cutting-edge knowledge about the problem and its solution. In the last step we arrive at a more thorough understanding of the real-world application or even to its more efficient treatment.

The Master and Ph.D. program “Advanced and Computational Mathematics” at the Technical University of Chemnitz, Germany provides a comprehensive training which leads to the following qualifications:
  • ability to adequately model real-world applications by modern mathematical tools
  • profound skills in quantitative analysis of mathematical models with an emphasis on computation and optimization techniques,
  • experience to apply mathematical tools for real-world problems.