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International Master and Ph.D. program

Advanced and Computational Mathematics

Notice that due to the corona virus pandemic, currently all classes at the university are done via electronic tools. See here for a list of online classes offered during fall term 2020.

Mathematics is indispensable for an efficient treatment of complex real-world problems coming from engineering, computer science, economics, finance etc. To list a few but rather influential and striking examples, we refer to household automatic control systems, Google ranking, portfolio optimization, weather forecasting or big data analysis. In these and many other areas, state-of-the-art mathematical concepts are used to model, analyze and solve the given problem.

The aim of this four-semester master program is to train highly qualified graduates in mathematics who are capable of successfully dealing with challenges encountered in academic and practical working fields. Based on a Bachelor degree in mathematics, the program deepens knowledge and skills in both theoretical and applied mathematics and prepares students for professional careers in business, industry or research.

Three main fields of specialization are offered, which are

The program also covers basic education in a non-mathematical minor chosen by the student from subjects such as Computer Science or Economics and Business Administration. Upon completion of the Master degree, particularly qualified students can enter directly into the Ph.D. program.
A more detailed description of the content of each course offered within this program can be found here.