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International Office
Cultural Activities



The pub-crawl is offered during the Orientation Week for international students to give the new international students the opportunity to get to know each other in a relaxed atmosphere. That evening the students will be shown at least two pubs or cocktail bars where they can discover the off-campus nightlife.

City Rallye


During the Orientation Week of the International Office, the Student Buddy Program organizes a city Rallye for new international students. The students are split into groups of mixed nationalities that are then assigned different tasks to be solved together in the city center (e.g. at the main station, in the university, at the bank and post-office, etc.). In this competition both, the correct answers and the time spent is assessed. This event offers a good opportunity to get to know each other and important spots and places in the city before the semester starts.
It goes without saying that every group has the chance to win little prizes!

Welcome Dinner and International Party


The Welcome Dinner is the big "final" of the Orientation Week. The Student Buddy Program arranges a big dinner where the students all bring typical food and dishes from their home country. After having eaten in a relaxed and nice atmosphere, there is always the first big party where international and German students get the chance to dance the night away together.

Bonfire at Walpurgis Night (Hexenfeuer)


The bonfires at Walpurgis Night are celebrated in Germany in the night from April 30 to May 1. A big fire symbolizes the farewell of winter and the arrival of spring. The Student Buddy Program provides reduced tickets for the big Walpurgis Night's celebration at the "Arthurs" at Kassberg. There are many interesting things to see, e.g. live music, various opportunities to do handicrafts, buy drinks and special food, see fortune-tellers and many more.

Cooking Competition


"Backe Backe Kuchen, das Kochduell hat gerufen!"
For the big Cooking Competition, the international students are divided into groups and given a big bag containing a mix of ingredients. Within one hour three courses (starter, main course, dessert) have to be prepared with the ingredients from the bag. Later, a jury will judge about the different dishes and of course, the winner teams can win some prizes!
As the highlight of the evening, the prepared dishes are - of course - eat together.

Summer Party / Barbecue Party


In the summer (mid-July), the International Office offers together with the Student Buddy Program a big open-air barbecue where all foreign and German students are cordially invited. Come and sit together, enjoying the tasty barbecue, fresh fruit and vegetables, and a nice chat with other students from all around the world.

International Christmas Party


What would German Christmas be without a Santa Claus and a Christmas Tree?
The Student Buddy Program together with the "Club der Kulturen" organizes a diversified Christmas program each year. This involves a relaxed Christmas party with a small and diverse program where students can perform Christmas songs from their home countries and several other surprises are offered.
In a relaxed and calm atmosphere,  typically German, delicious gingerbread, Stollen (fruit loaf is eaten at Christmas), and "Glühwein" are provided to enjoy a typical Christmas Evening in the German manner.