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Fakultät für Informatik

Research-Doctorate Program of the Faculty of Computer Science

The doctorate is the first scientific qualification towards a scientific career. It is comprised of writing a doctoral thesis and an oral defense of the scientific content. 

A successful doctorate is completed by publishing the doctoral thesis, which leads to the academic degree "PhD". There are different ways to archive the doctoral work: 

Individual Doctorate

The PhD student chooses a scientific topic in consultation with his mentoring professor, compiles a problem-solving approach and further proves its sustainability with publications.

Structured Doctorate

The PhD student receives a structured plan of his doctorate by a mentoring professor or the Faculty. This plan is divided in stages, which have to completed successively and lead to a problem-solving approach for a scientific problem. The sustainability of the approach is proved by publications.


You can submit your application for the Research-Doctorate Program here.



The Faculty of Computer Science offers both the Individual and Structured Doctorate. The Research-Doctorate Program of the Faculty of Computer Science defines the scope of a structured PhD program. By specific support and qualification, the PhD students are introduced to the specific requirements in research in the area of Computer Science.

The participation in the Research-Doctorate Program requires an application.