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Work-, Organizational- and Economic Psychology
Work-, Organizational- and Economic Psycholgy

Welcome at the Professorship for Work, Organizational, and Economic Psychology

Work, organizational, and economic psychology focusses on human experiences and behavior at work and within the larger economic context. As an empirical social science, our field revolves around assumptions and hypotheses about human behavior and experiences, which are subsequently tested using empirical data.

Understanding psychological processes at work is crucial since on average, employees spend roughly one third of their time at work. Work provides a stable income, but also fulfills basic human needs (e.g. meaning, social relationships, status).

Our research centers on diversity at work/in teams, leadership, and the effects of different organizational climate facets on employee performance and health. We also participate in the interdisciplinary research project Hybrid Societies: Humans Interacting with Embodied Technologies.


Visitors' address: Secretary's office: Room 206C: Anne Wagner, Wilhelm-Raabe-Str. 43, 09120 Chemnitz 
Mailing address: TU Chemnitz, Institut für Psychologie, Arbeits-, Organisations- und Wirtschaftspsychologie, Wilhelm-Raabe-Str. 43, 09120 Chemnitz