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German Language Attracts International Guests to the Summer School

32 participants from 13 countries are guests until August 27th at the 41st International German Language Summer School at TU Chemnitz

The 41st International German Language Summer School began with the placement test on August 4, 2014. In the current year, 32 participants from 13 countries are visitors of Technische Universität Chemnitz. Until August 27th, they will occupy themselves with activities for practicing speaking German and attend seminars on a daily basis. As in previous years, the focus is on the communicative skills, current trends in German and, above all, the fun in learning German as a foreign language. Within a project, participants can immediately put their newly acquired skills into practice and be aware of their progress.

The International German Language Summer School is organized by the TUCed GmbH (TU Chemnitz education), an affiliated institute of TU Chemnitz. This Institute for Continuing Education is responsible for the scientific extra-occupational vocational training. Academic director of the course is as early as last year Prof. Dr. Winfried Thielmann, holder of the Professorship for German as a Foreign and Second Language at TU Chemnitz. He has developed the course program and selected the language instructors. Ten of 32 participants come from the partner university in Verona (Italy) and six other members come from the partner university in Besancon (France). Two other guests come from Manchester, which is one of the many partner cities of TU Chemnitz. This year guests one participant from the USA, who had the furthest way to Chemnitz. And, last but not least, there is a candidate who visits this summer course for the second year in a row.

A special feature of the International German Language Summer School is an intensive mentoring of its participants by students of TU Chemnitz. What is more, the tutors are being open to answer any questions or assist in any difficulties that the participants may be having. Additionally, mentors of TU Chemnitz will show their guests the city from the student perspective. The weekend`s program covers excursion to the state capital Dresden and Augustusburg. On other days are planned a walking tour through Chemnitz, visits to the Gunzenhauser Museum and the State Museum of Archeology in Chemnitz, as well as a reception at the City Hall. Besides, the guests will also participate in an international cultural evening in the CdK, which is a student club on campus. The opening evening on August 4th as well as the closing event on August 26th will take place in the “Bar Ausgleich” in the dining hall on the campus.

For further information, please contact Linda Feustel, Phone +49 371 9094923, Email

(Author: Katharina Thehos, Translation: Nataliia Boiko)

Katharina Thehos

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