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  • The student delegates of TU Chemnitz at the 5th AC21 Student World Forum, Marco Müller (1st f.r.) and Nicholas Montgomery Gregg (2nd f.l.), were welcomed by the Rector, Prof. Dr. Arnold van Zyl (2nd f.r.), and the Chancellor of TU Chemnitz, Eberhard Alles (1st f.l.), who travelled to Shanghai for the AC21 conference as well. Photo: Katrin Schulz
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TU Chemnitz goes Shanghai

Marco Müller and Nicholas Montgomery Gregg travel as student delegates of TU Chemnitz to 5th AC21 Student World Forum at Tongji University Shanghai from 16.10.-22.10.2013

Marco Müller, student within the Master`s course "Lightweight Engineering”, and Nicholas Montgomery Gregg, US-American and Bachelor-student in European Studies, are the happy winners of a competition for two places for student delegates of TU Chemnitz at the 5th AC21 Student World Forum at Tongji University Shanghai from 16.10.-22.10.2013.

The Student World Forums are organized every two years by the international network "Academic Consortium 21”, an organization of 19 universities around the globe which aims to bridge between different societies world-wide by promoting cooperation in education and research and where TU Chemnitz plays a leading role.

To the Student World Forums carefully selected students are invited from every member university who will have the opportunity to discuss about future-oriented comprehensive topics with the other student participants and with international experts from science and economy within lectures and workshops. These events are hosted each time by another member university of AC21. This year it is organized by Tongji University Shanghai which has got German roots being founded in 1907 as Tongji German Medical School. The overall topic will be "Sustainable Mobility and the City of the Future”.

The two delegates of TU Chemnitz have shown special interest and qualifications in this area. For example Marco Müller is dealing with lightweight technologies which are strongly demanded by automotive and aerospace industry and Nicholas Montgomery Gregg engaged for over a year with the concerns and developments of mobility in his student job working for a website treating a great variety of topics regarding sustainability.

Now they are looking very much forward to meet fellow students from all over the world, to discuss new perspectives to overcome challenges of global interest, to get to know different cultures and ways of life and - last but not least - to represent their home university and to spread the good reputation of TU Chemnitz all over the world. TU Chemnitz is wishing to its student delegates a nice and instructive conference in Shanghai and is very much looking forward to their experiences.

(Author: Dr. Wolfgang Lambrecht)

Katharina Thehos

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