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  • Rector Arnold van Zyl (Chemnitz University of Technology), Rector Russel Botman (Stellenbosch University), University Councellor Thomas Gessner (CUT, Fraunhofer ENAS), Chancellor Eberhard Alles (CUT) and Katrin Schulz (AC21 Communicator) (from right). Photo: CUT
  • Plenary speaker: Rector Arnold van Zyl. Photo: Katrin Schulz
  • Workshop session with participants from SU and CUT. Photo: Katrin Schulz
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Two partners bringing forward AC21

Chemnitz University of Technology and Stellenbosch University committed to strengthen their activities within the network

Chemnitz University of Technology and Stellenbosch University are linked together by a strong and well-proven partnership which is not only underlined by a contract concluded three years ago but also personified by the Rector of Chemnitz University of Technology, Professor Arnold van Zyl, who previously held the office of Vice-President for Research and Innovation at Stellenbosch University.

In order to further develop and strengthen their collaboration, both universities held a joint workshop at Stellenbosch on 11th and 12th February 2013. During the productive sessions the colleagues agreed to make use of the membership of both partners in the global university network "Academic Consortium 21” (AC21) to launch a series of additional activities in sectors of common interest like human locomotion, biomedical, medical and industrial engineering, production technology, micro and nano systems, psychology and ergonomics.

The possibilities discussed during the meeting ranged from joint workshops and research groups via internships for students and postgraduates up to the development of joint degree programs.

In summary it has to be noted that the workshop was not only a great success for Chemnitz University of Technology and Stellenbosch University themselves but also a step forward for the network AC21 because the upcoming series of joint activities of both partner universities will contribute significantly to its objectives to promote cooperation in education and research between the members, to bridge between different societies and to foster mutual understanding and share of values beyond national borders.

(Author: Katrin Schulz)

Katharina Thehos

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