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The professorship offers lectures in English language in winter semester. Therefore we advise international students with no or limited German language skills to come for an exchange in winter term. For the full overview of lectures held by us please turn to the German version of our website.


Following topics are taught:

  • Areas of applications for textiles in sport, medicine and technology
  • Functional textiles and design
  • Manufacturing process and characteristics profile of different textile structures

Lecture/Seminar for Studium Generale


Following topics are taught:

  • Sustainability in the textile chain
  • Greenpeace Detox and other campaigns and their impact on changing the market
  • Social standards in Far East and East Europe
  • Changes in consumer behaviour and business model innovation

Lecture/Seminar for Studium Generale


Following topics are taught:

  • Design, development and implementation of innovative surgical gowns for hospitals
  • In cooperation with a leading manufacturer for textile surfaces

Lecture/Seminar for Studium Generale

Following topics are taught:

  • Basic knowledge concerning fibre materials as well as yarn- and surface creation
  • Differences between various textile manufacturing processes and resulting material properties of medical products
  • Range of applications for medical textiles in practice (bandaging materials, bandages, surgical textiles, implants, prosthetics)

Lecture/Seminar in the major Medical Engeneering


Following topics are taught:

  • Basic knowledge concerning manufacturing methods for textile reinforcement structures for high performance fibre-reinforced plastics
  • Yarn- and surface manufacturing processes
  • Relation between material- and process parameters and properties of created fibre materials and textile fabrics
  • Potentials for the variation/adjustability of compound properties

Lecture/Seminar for the major Merge Technologies for Resource Efficiency 

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