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Research project GPSlife
Gefördert durch Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Energie

Development of a maturity-based roadmap for the integration of Geometric Product Specification in SMEs

Brief description

Geometric properties are fundamental quality characteristics. They ensure both the functionality and the manufacturability and assemblability of products and also have a massive impact on costs. However, an analysis of current practice reveals considerable difficulties in determining geometric properties and tolerances. These are often incomplete, which means that functional fulfillment is not guaranteed. Furthermore, the currently often practiced assignment of tolerances as maximum positive as well as negative permissible deviation (plus/minus tolerancing) leads to problems, since it allows ambiguities.

Against this background, the aim of this research project is to develop methods and procedures for the integration of the Geometric Product Specification in practice by means of a maturity-based roadmap, which are particularly adapted to the requirements of SMEs and thus achieve a lived GPS system across the board.