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IWOTA 2017


The conference takes place at the Zentrales Hörsaal- und Seminargebäude, the central lecture hall building of the Chemnitz University on the campus Reichenhainer Straße 90.

From the Günnewig Hotel or Hotel an der Oper, the following public transport lines may be used:

Bus 51from Theaterplatz to TU Campus
(at the corner of Wartburgstraße and Reichenhainer Straße beside the target)
Trams C13, C14, C15from Theaterplatz to Stadlerplatz
Tram 2from Theaterplatz to Wartburgstraße

From the Seaside Residenz Hotel you can reach the venue best by walking. If you have problems with the feet, part of the distance can be made by taking the same lines, but using the entry point Bernsbachplatz.

Tickets valid for a whole week can be obtained on the machines at the central railway station.