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Social Psychology
Social Psychology



Welcome to the Professorship of
Social Psychology






(not in the picture: Hannah Nickell, Jennifer Führer, Karin Steinsdörfer, Anne Wagner)
5 | Dominik Dilba, Dominic Geyer, Daniel Corlett
4 | Susen Schumann, Vera Kaiser, Dennis Kruse, Lotte Beier
3 | Marleen Granow, Claas Pollmanns, Caya Hälker
2 | Sasha Cook, Annemarie Juchler, Leonie Fritz
1 | Frank Asbrock




Here you find information on our team and our research. For information on our teaching, please switch to the German language sites.


New publications: 
Kotzur, P. F., Friehs, M., Asbrock, F., & van Zalk, M. H. W. (2019). Stereotype Content of Refugee Subgroups in Germany. European Journal of Social Psychology.

Janda, C., Asbrock, F., Herget, M., Kues, J. N., & Weise, C. (2019). Changing the perception of premenstrual dysphoric disorder- An online-experiment using the Stereotype Content Model. Women & Health 


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