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Professorship of Educational and Developmental Psychology
Educational and Developmental Psychology

Prof. Dr. Heiner Rindermann - Research Foci

  • Development and enhancement of cognitive competencies
  • Cross-cultural comparisons of cognitive competencies
  • Cognitive Competence and societal development (economy, politics, society, innovation)
  • Kindergarten quality and effects of preschool attendance
  • Comparison of psychometrics (intelligence/IQ) and Piaget (cognitive development as qualitative change)
  • Analysis of international comparative school achievement and intelligence studies: What is measured? What are the causes for differences between states, countries and cultures? What are the consequences of these differences?
  • Emotional competence / Intelligence
  • Developmental assessment
  • Science studies
  • Teaching evaluation in higher education / university evaluation / evaluation
  • Evaluation of schools and evaluation of programs for the gifted
  • Evaluation, university research, philosophy of science and sociology of science
  • Giftedness and intellectual giftedness, development and enhancement of giftedness
  • Assessment and prediction of performance/behavior in school, university and job
  • Intelligence, speed of information processing and problem solving
  • Self-concept and personality
  • Research methods (interrater reliability, longitudinal studies)
  • Education and school research
  • Evolutionary psychology