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Chemnitz University Profile

Chemnitz University Profile is based on trans-disciplinarity as well as on national and international networking and it links technical and natural sciences together with social sciences and humanities as well as economics in order to generate competitive and outstanding research within the focus areas:

Materials and smart systems are the hardware basis for new innovative processes and technologies in the field of internet of things, industry 4.0, smart grid, energy efficient mobility, ambient assisted living into old age, sports and medical engineering as well.
Innovative materials as well as new integration technologies of materials belong to the aim of the research in Chemnitz. They are applied e. g. in medical engineering, in power engineering and lightweight construction.

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An efficient and flexible production is an indispensable component of an ecologically and economically sus-tainable economy. On the one hand, it allows to comply with individual customer demands. On the other hand, it accommodates the necessary adjustment of processes. This results in the concept of resource efficient and versatile production systems. To approach this, innovative production technologies are being researched, developed and optimized.

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Technologies, individuals, and their social systems reciprocally influence on each other. Therefore, research in the area of humans and technology investigates how technology and organization can contribute to human well-being in living and working environments. The health-related impacts of technology and work on human beings is also in the focus of research in this area.

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