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International MERGE Technologies Conference
Materials, Semi-Finished Products and Composite Structures for Lightweight Design

  • In-line processes for preforms and prepregs
  • Hybrid materials based on textiles, plastics, metals and fibre-reinforced plastics
  • Interface design and engineering

Processing, Systems and Applications for the Mass Production of Lightweight Structures

  • Technology fusion and hybridisation
  • Manufacturing of hybrid structures with textile, plastic and metal-based technologies
  • Manufacturing equipment, automation

Modelling and Simulation of Hybrid Structures and their Production Processes

  • Advanced constitutive laws and experimental characterisations
  • Integrative simulation and optimisation
  • High-Precision FEM

Smart Systems Integration

  • Smart, functional and adaptive structures
  • Design, technologies and application of integrated smart systems
  • Reliability and robustness of integrated systems

Colloquium MERGE - Six Successful Years of Research

  • Scientific report and outlook
  • Selected lectures of all Interacting Research Domains