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Seniorenkolleg an der TU Chemnitz
More Than Neighbours

Projektgruppe "More than Neighbours" des Seniorenkollegs an der TU Chemnitz

Texte welche im Rahmen des Englischunterrichts entstanden sind


The City of Chemnitz


Our hometown Chemnitz is located in Saxony, and it has an expansion of nearly 220 km². Nowadays 243,000 inhabitants live in Chemnitz and the city is the third largest in Saxony. But it is also the city with the oldest population in Europe. The federal state Saxony has common borderlines with the EU-states Poland und Czech Republic. Saxony is famous for their economic development, especially for mining, agriculture, textile industry, engineering and automotive production (Audi, VW, BMW, Porsche) as well as microelectronic.
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Klaus Bartoll - A visit with our neighbours


The title of our common project is called: "More than neighbours". Our direct neighbours are the countries Poland and the Czech Republic. For many years our university has a close connection with the University of Liberec (CZ). It suggests itself to check possibilities of working close together within the project. So the coordinators of our both groups arranged an appointment to meet each other to discuss topics of common interest. The meeting was determined at 24th and 25th No-vember 2011 in Liberec.
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Harry Weinert - Excursion along the river Zschopau


For our report “Hydropower along the river Zschopau through the Ages” some member of the project group visited by lousy weather some different locations. We started at the “Castle mill” near Lichtenwalde/Braunsdorf. This mill was active as a mill for grain, especial feed until 1992. The high water flood of the year 2002 destroyed irrecoverable large parts of historic buildings ( drying kiln, depots , store, storages, outside elevators and the mainly components of the mill grinder and the complete drive, electro installation a.s.
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Harry Weinert - Ballad of Washing


Washing and cleaning of clothes had already practiced in the Antiquity. The largest washing nations were the Egyptians, Greeks and Romans. As detergent they used Sodium - natrium carbonate-soap and soap like agents. In the estate of my father in law, I found a Reclam booklet with the Gudrun saga. The princess was in captivity in Denmark. In this Middle High German epic poem, there is even a whole chapter on "How Gudrun had to wash". Gudrun should have been a Princess from the moorland.
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Harry Weinert - Industrial region around Chemnitz


Industry and handcraft need energy. The industrialisation of Chemnitz and the region in the surrounding was close connected with the existing of naturel energy resources, as wooden and waterpower. Chemnitz was and is tangent to water reach rivers, so in the western region from the Zw. Mulde and in the east direction from the Zschopau.
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Ingeborg Morgner - Chemnitz - is it a city of industry or a city of art? Or both?


We created interesting presentations about our city in the last weeks. It has been demonstrated, such as the textile machinery, the textile manufacturing and other industries like the automotive have shaped the face of our city. An interesting comparison with Manchester was also done. Norbert showed us in his presentation that our city is getting more and more an artistic face. The Robert- Schumann ? Symphony ? Orchestra has been developed into an important flagship for Chemnitz during last years. A lot of famous operas were staged on our opera house.
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Harry Weinert - News Sachsenring

Also this year the German motorcycle Grand Prix. was held at the "Sachsenring" at Hohenstein / Ernstthal on the last weekend .This German motorcycle Grand Prix was only possible because a new contract between the ADAC and the FIM had been completed a few months ago about the further holding of the Grand Prix for the next

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Harry Weinert -Elbsandsteingebirge - In national and natural park saxon switzerland
" Elbsandsteingebirge.
The National- and Nature -Park " Elbsandsteingebirge " is rich and industrial memorials.  Following some impression . what have became with the monuments."
Harry Weinert - The production of bicycles in Chemnitz
"The town Chemnitz and the neighboring villages were the cradle of developing and production of bicycles in the end of the 19. Cent.
The production of bicycles came to a standstill with the political change in 1989/90 despite the renaissance of the bicycle as unit for sport and for tourism. Only a middle  large company in a village near Chemnitz  continue the production of bicycles unter the former , wellknown in Europe , brand names "Diamant". In the annex a short report about th production of bicyles  in Chemnitz.