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Chair of Vocationomics, Business and Economic Education

Chair of Vocationomics 


Univ.-Prof. Dr. sc. pol. habil. Volker Bank, Diplom Handelslehrer

+49 (0) 371.531 - 32 245
Reichenhainer Straße 41, Room 015

Curriculum Vitae

  • Volker Bank, born 1964 in Bielefeld (Westphalia, Germany), is Distinguished Professor at the Chair of Vocationomics (Berufs- und Wirtschaftspädagogik) at Chemnitz University of Technology since 2005. He has read in vocationomics, majoring in economics & management studies, along with two minors in didactics of economics and management and French studies. He holds a doctoral degree (1996) and the degree of a habilitatus (Dr. habil. sc. pol.; 2002) of the University of Kiel (Holstein, Germany).
  • Volker has been working for a number of SME and international companies in different branches in Germany and in GB. He has been a teacher in different schools in Germany and in France. His academic career started at the Institut für Pädagogik of the University of Kiel, where he defended his dissertation in 1996/97 and was habilitated in 2003. From 2013 to 2017 he was Vice-president of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Ökonomische Bildung (German Society for Economic and Finance Education), and President from 2017 to 2021.
  • His over 100 publications, including several books, are dealing with problems in different domains of research. Firstly, they draw on the management and control of educational processes, including HRD, secondly on general didactics and economic & finance education (learning, teaching, and instruction), thirdly on economics of education and education policy. Finally, the works are dealing with the theory of vocationomics and vocational bildung. Vocationomics is a discipline instigated once by the dual system of vocational education, and therefore institutionalised as such merely in German-speaking countries. This academic discipline is marked by the cornerstones of vocational education and training (V.E.T.), of economics of education, of sociology of professions and of the theory of vocational education. 

Work and research focuses

The work priorities of the chair is on the intersection of economics and pedagogy, in particular:

  • Theory of bildung, especially, vocational and economic education, as well as teaching methodology.
  • Vocational training research, with a focus on international issues.
  • Control of educational processes/management of education.
  • Education of economics, finance, and business administration.

Current research projects concern:

  • Connectivity research on the role of learning at school and workplace learning.
  • Research in transfer of learning in the field of vocational education. 
  • History of vocational education in Saxony.
  • Education in economic and finance education at upper secondary school.



English Publications


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Editor / Academic advisory council for scientific journals


Edition of scientific book series